At What Age Will Your Midlife Crisis Hit?

Do you think you know when your midlife crisis is going to strike? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Are you scared of getting older?
No way

Question 2/10
Have you panicked about your health in the past few months?
Guilty as charged
No I'm fit as a fiddle
From time to time

Question 3/10
Have you splurged on more clothing than you used to?
Yes I'll admit it
No more than usual
I've gone on a few sprees
I hate shopping

Question 4/10
How happy are you with your job?
I'm fully satisfied
I could use a change
I hate it passionately

Question 5/10
Would you rather go to the beach for the day or go to a spa for a day?
Can't it be a beachside spa?

Question 6/10
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
5 minutes
10-15 minutes
20-30 minutes
30-45 minutes
60+ minutes
It depends

Question 7/10
Choose your dream car:
Ford Mustang
Chevy Corvette
Chevy Tahoe
None of these

Question 8/10
How often do you work out?
Every few days

Question 9/10
How connected do you feel to your family?
Very connected
Somewhat connected
There's a disconnect lately
It's complicated

Question 10/10
How grateful do you feel for what you have in life?
Extremely grateful
Pretty grateful
Somewhat grateful
I could use work in this department
Your midlife crisis is going to hit at age 60! The good news is, you've managed to stave off the crisis for a long time. Unfortunately, at 60 the urge to buy new clothes, reinvent, and perhaps finally indulge in that sports car, is going to rear its ugly head.

Age 60
Your midlife crisis will strike at age 50! Up until 50, you'd been aging with peace of mind. You were fairly panic free when it came to getting older, but suddenly, you started to feel a bit uneasy about the whole thing. Use your midlife crisis to your advantage. Try a look you've always wanted to try or indulge in a crazy vacation!

Age 50
Your midlife crisis will hit at age 45! This is the age when most people start to feel the pangs of getting older. Remember that age is just a number, you're only as young as you feel. Still, if you must, do something you've always wanted to do but never had the time or money for. Use getting older to your advantage!

Age 45
Your midlife crisis will hit at age 40! You've always been a tad uneasy about the realities of getting older, but suddenly you're 40 and it's a slippery slope. Try not to panic. Remember that youth is a state of mind and that the best is not behind you. There's so much fun to be had and so much life left to experience.

Age 40
Your midlife crisis will hit at age 35! Your crisis is unfortunately going to rear its ugly head a bit early. Aging has always scared you, but something about turning 35 leaves you feeling downright uneasy. Remember that age is but a number. Life is waiting for you to live it no matter what age you are!

Age 35