Are You Turning Into Your Mother?

Fight it as hard as you want, but eventually we all turn into our mothers! Are you actually turning into your mother right now? It's time do find out! Take these 10 questions and reveal if you're actually becoming your mother. The results might shock you!

Question 1/10
Do you sign off on text messages with your name?
Yes, who doesn't?
Only if I'm texting someone I just met.
No way, that's weird.

Question 2/10
How would you describe your mom's sense of style?
Questionable at best.
Chic and classic.
Eclectic and random.
Practical and smart.

Question 3/10
Your friend unexpectedly bought you some flowers. What do you do?
Send them a thank you note.
Bake them a cake.
Shoot them a text.
Send them a string of emojis.

Question 4/10
Be honest, before you leave the house you always make sure...
You unplugged your curling iron.
You brought a jacket.
You're wearing SPF 50.
You have your wallet and cell.

Question 5/10
Do you own any of the following shoe brands?

Question 6/10
Has anyone ever mistaken you and your mother for siblings?
I can't recall

Question 7/10
How would you describe your cooking?
Trendy and gourmet.
Traditional and hearty.
Healthy and fresh.

Question 8/10
Have you complimented someone's figure in the past 3 months?
Yes, come to think of it I have.
Probably, I can't keep these things straight.
No, I'd never say that.

Question 9/10
How do you save money at the grocery store?
Coupons baby!
I make a detailed list.
I just grab whatever I need.
I bribe the manager for sales.

Question 10/10
How often do you show people pictures of your pets, plants, or kids?
Every day, they'd want to see these things.
Only if they ask.
Never, no one wants to see those things.
Well the results are in and you're most definitely turning into your mother! Recently you've noticed that their always seems to be a draft in the house, the TV is never loud enough, and that the internet is a wealth of fun memes just begging to be shared on Facebook. You love an early bird dinner, rocking a vest, and wearing the most sensible shoes you can find. Not only do you know what's best, but you're not afraid to let others know it!

You're Turning Into Your Mother!
The results of this quiz show that you are slowly but surely turning into your mother! It started off slow... you noticed yourself complaining about the price of milk, then the weather, and then the arch support in your shoes. Now you're lecturing your kids on the right way to fold a t-shirt and how to organize a pantry. You've shared more Mom jokes on Facebook than you care to admit and you aren't afraid to bring a big casserole to any pot luck you're invited to.

You're Slowly Turning Into Your Mother!
The results are in and you're not turning into your mother just yet! You might love your mom to pieces, but you sure don't want to be anything like her just yet. You're an independent person who isn't afraid to embrace your unique qualities and own way of life. While you might look to your mom for guidance, you don't emulate her life ten fold and you certainly don't have much in common just yet. Give it 10 years and see what happens!

You're Not Turning Into Your Mother!