Are You Ruled By Your Ego Or Your Self?

Within your mind- there is a constant struggle between the go and the self. Which dominates you the most? Are you ruled by your ego or your self? Let's find out! You may not be as in control as you think.

Question 1/10
How many friends do you have?
Does my cat count?
Hundreds, probably.
I have a few close friends.

Question 2/10
You're at a party where people start arguing about politics. You:
I would never be at a party.
Ignore them. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs.
Get involved. I love sharing my opinions.

Question 3/10
My close friends often say that I'm....
Too quiet.
A bit bossy.

Question 4/10
Be honest, are you a bit too competitive?
Yes, I take competition very seriously.
Not really, I don't care if I win.
sometimes, but not always.

Question 5/10
Do you need to feel praised when you have a good idea?
Yes, absolutely.
Nah, I don't even like compliments.
Sometimes, it depends how good the idea is!

Question 6/10
How important are looks to you?
Not important. It's what's on the inside that counts.
Very important. That's just how things are in the world.
Somewhat important. People judge based on looks.

Question 7/10
When someone wrongs you, do you forgive them easily?
Yes, forgiveness is the key to happiness.
No, they don't deserve my forgiveness.
It depends on what they did.

Question 8/10
You've misplaced your cell phone. How do you feel?
Angry and frantic.
Okay, I'm probably not missing much.
A bit panicked- my life is in that phone!

Question 9/10
When you do someone a favor, do you expect anything in return?

Question 10/10
How do you respond to negative feedback?
Poorly, I hate criticism.
With an open mind.
With a bit of sadness.
You're ruled by your ego! Most of the time- you tend to think you're a bit better than everyone else. You tend to make snap judgments against others, can be very argumentative, and often think that your way is the only way. When you don't get your way in life, you tend to sulk or throw a big pity party. Your ego is definitely running the show, but it doesn't have to be that way!

You're Ruled By Your Ego!
You're ruled by your self, not your ego! You tend to be quite shy and reserved, often letting those around you take the lead. You are very empathetic and kind, which means you hate to put others out or make them feel bad. When it comes to arguing, you're always willing to hear someone out rather than shouting over them. With a keen mind for compromise, you can always make anything work.

You're Ruled By Your Self!
You're a mix of both! Like most of us, you're ruled by both your ego and the self. Sometimes, you can't help but feel superior to others. You love to be right and aren't afraid to make your opinion known. Other times, you see yourself as an equal to your peers, someone who knows how to compromise and handle every situation with grace.

It's A Mix Of Both!