Are You More Like Timon Or Pumbaa?

They may have a problem free philosophy, but these two characters not one in the same! Are you more like Timon or Pumbaa from "The Lion King?" It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and find your own form of Hakuna Matata!

Question 1/10
Which is better, singing or dancing?

Question 2/10
If Simba wasn't your best friend, which other character would be?

Question 3/10
Would you rather spend the day hiking or at the beach?
At the beach

Question 4/10
If you couldn't live in the Savannah, where would you choose to reside?
In a city
On a farm
Somewhere else

Question 5/10
Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Question 6/10
Which "Lion King" song is better?
"Circle of life"
"Can You Feel The Love Tonight?"
None of these

Question 7/10
Would you rather eat eggs or toast?

Question 8/10
Do you prefer to stay in or hit the town?
Hit the town
Stay in

Question 9/10
Do you prefer a an audio book or a physical book?
Physical book
How about no book?

Question 10/10
Is the glass half empty or half full?
Half empty
Half full
You're most like Timon! Though you can be a bit self-centered and thoughtless at times, you have a good heart and are always loyal to friends and family. You work constantly and are often caught up in your daydreams. This can lead you to feeling like a bit of an outcast. While you're independent and clever, you're never just looking out for number one. In fact, you tend to always put your friends first!

You're most like Pumbaa! Much like this beloved character, you're known to be genuine, trustworthy and kind. You pride yourself on being quite selfless and compassionate, always looking out for those you love. Though you can be a bit childish at times, it only makes you all the more charming and fun to be around. Never change!