Are You More Like Lucy Or Ethel?

Has there ever been a more dynamic duo in the history of television than Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz of

Question 1/10
You're afraid of heights, yet your friend really wants to bungee jump. Would they be able to convince you to go with them?
It would take a lot of persuading
Possibly, given the promise of a strong harness
No way

Question 2/10
When it comes to life, are you usually in the driver's seat or the passenger's seat?
Driver's seat
Passenger's seat
It depends on the day

Question 3/10
How often do you find yourself caught in a lie?
More often than not
Hardly ever

Question 4/10
How do you feel about money?
I worry about money often
Money is not a problem
I think about it when shopping
I don't really think about it

Question 5/10
Would you ever consider a career in the entertainment industry?
No way
I've thought about it

Question 6/10
How often do your adventures seem to turn into misadventures?
More often than I'd like to admit
Hardly ever

Question 7/10
What's your favorite kind of restaurant?
Anything expensive and Zagat rated
Anything cheap with big portions
Someplace with music/entertainment
Fast food

Question 8/10
If you were to move to Hollywood, what job would you most likely fall into?
Lounge singing

Question 9/10
Have you ever been accused of being "bossy?"
I plead the fifth
Once or twice
No, but I've been called a doormat

Question 10/10
What are you most protective of?
My friends
My family
My bank account
My reputation
My career
There's no doubt in our minds that you are more like Lucy Ricardo. Have you been accused of being a schemer on more than one occasion? Are you constantly involving yourself in too many activities? Yeah we thought so! Much like Lucy, you love to immerse yourself in anything you possible can, even if it means coming up with an ill formed plan to be a part of something big. Lucy is an idealist who loves playing cards, shopping, and of course performing. Even though Lucy can be jealous, stubborn and a bit manipulative, she is a caring mother, a loyal wife, and a faithful friend. She is passionate, ambitious and endlessly determined

Lucy Ricardo
There's no doubt about it, you're more like Ethel Mertz. Ethel is a good person, despite often living in Lucy's shadow and not having access to the same means as her best friend, Ethel is a loyal and loving friend. She is an amazing singer and loves to be involved in as many activities as possible. She almost always goes along with Lucy's schemes (even if she fights them at first), and is a loyal and loving wife (even though her marriage is quite complex.) Ethel might often play sidekick to Lucy, but we consider her strength and resiliency to be far more admirable than Lucy's money and clothes.

Ethel Mertz
Lucky you! You're quite dualistic and share personality traits from both Lucy and Ethel. With Lucy, you share ambition, stubbornness, and an endless lust for the spotlight. With Ethel, you share resiliency, loyalty, and the patience to put up with an often tiresome cast of characters. You're the best of both of these funny and effervescent ladies!

A Little Bit of Both

Unfortunately, you're not like Lucy or Ethel. You're far too forgiving and lenient to be Lucy. Yet, you're far too materialistic to be like Ethel. You are completely and entirely you and you alone. There's certainly nothing wrong with that. You're so unique, no one else could ever be quite like you.

Not Like Lucy or Ethel