Are You More Like January, February, Or March?

Question 1/10
Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Depends on the day

Question 2/10
Pick a color:
Soft blue
Strawberry red
Sherbet orange

Question 3/10
Which club or class would you join?

Question 4/10
Would you rather be slightly too hot or slightly too cold?
Slightly too hot
Slightly too cold
It depends on the day

Question 5/10
Right now, the European country you wish you could go to....
None of these

Question 6/10
When it comes to making big life decisions, what do you do?
I go with my gut.
I analyze my options.
I seek advice from others.

Question 7/10
Which of these statements is most true about yourself?
I'm too shy.
I'm too wishy washy.
I'm too naive.
I'm too cynical.

Question 8/10
Pick a job you'd be interested in:
None of these

Question 9/10
Which of these would you most likely order at Starbuck's if it were free?
A shot of espresso
A white chocolate latte
A hot tea
A caramel macchiato

Question 10/10
You're invited to a party. What's going to annoy you most about attending?
Finding a place to park
Not knowing anyone
Leaving the house
None of these
You're most like January! While some might see you as chilly or standoffish, in reality, you just love to cozy up indoors and spend quiet time on your own. You're highly reflective and introverted, with a deep sense of who you are and what you stand for. Though you might prefer a quiet evening at home to one out on the town, you love to experience life to the fullest and spend time with those you love most!

You're most like February! You're a hopeless romantic who simply loves to be in love. You truly value the little things in life, always making sure to be kind, loving, and appreciative for what you have. You love to celebrate Valentine's Day and make everyone in your life knows they're cared for. You've got a big heart that knows no bounds!

You're most like March! Much like this month of the year, you're all about rebirth and growth. You're not afraid to try new things or step outside of your comfort zone, especially if it means growing as a person. You're warm and creative, with a nurturing personality that many people lack!

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Have you ever wondered which winter month you're most like? It's time to find out! Are you more like January, February, or March? Take these 10 questions and discover the truth!