Are You More Australian Or Canadian?

Have you ever wondered which country you have the most in common with? You're not alone! Are you more Australian or more Canadian? It's time to find out! To the quiz!

Question 1/10
It's Christmas day and your family is coming over for dinner. What do you cook?
I'll probably order takeout.
Anything that's hot off the grill.
Prime rib with comforting sides.

Question 2/10
You've noticed you're putting on a few pounds. What do you do?
I go on a detox.
I start working out and eating healthier.
I carry on with what I was doing before.

Question 3/10
Pick a beverage:
Labatt Blue
Grapefruit juice

Question 4/10
Your head and ears are cold. How do you fix this?
With a beanie.
With ear muffs.
With a hood.
I just go with the flow.

Question 5/10
You have nothing planned for the night. What do you do?
Invite some friends over to hang out.
Revel in the time alone with my TV.
Go out to a bar or movie.

Question 6/10
Your co-worker is microwaving fish and the whole office stinks. What do you do?
Ask them to stop bringing fish.
Ignore it and politely exit the room.
Start a petition to ban fish.

Question 7/10
Your best friend got a new haircut, but it's not very flattering. Do you tell them?
Of course, that's what friends are for!
No, I don't want to hurt their feelings.
It would depend on my mood.

Question 8/10
In your opinion, pancakes are best served up with....
Warm maple syrup.
Fruit compote.
Greek yogurt and fresh berries.

Question 9/10
What do you wear around the house?
Flannel pajamas or long johns.
Shorts and a t-shirt.
Workout clothes.
Whatever is clean.

Question 10/10
Someone cuts in front of you in line. How do you respond?
I'd apologize.
I'd silently rip them apart.
I'd confront them.
Based on the results of this quiz, you're more Australian than Canadian! You're an adventurous and active person who loves to live life with a sense of fun and adventure. You're a social butterfly who loves to host dinner parties and have friends over for a bit of fun. You're love the great outdoors and embrace any opportunity to get out and enjoy some sunshine. You're outspoken and unapologetic with a humor that is almost impossible to keep up with!

Based on the results of this quiz, you're more Canadian than Australian! You're a polite and kind person who always puts others before yourself. You live life with a warm sense of compassion, always looking out for your neighbors and friends. Though you're highly active and outdoorsy, you also love to spend time inside just enjoying a good drink or mug of coffee. You love comfort foods like poutine and have never met a maple flavored item that you didn't want to eat. As someone who is used to dealing with year round weather changes, you're as resilient and strong as they come.

Based on the results of this quiz, you're both Australian and Canadian! You embody the best traits of each of these great nations. Though you're polite and apologetic, you also stand up for yourself when wronged. You love the great outdoors and are always willing to step outside of your comfort zone to try something new. As a highly creative person, you appreciate art, music, and film. People describe you as being both fun and steadfast. What a great mix to be!

A Mix Of Both