Are You More Apple Or Samsung? We Can Guess!

Everyone is either more Apple or Samsung, but which one are you? Can we guess if you're an Apple loyalist or if you prefer the Samsung platform? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
How do you like to hike?
I like to take the steepest trail.
I like to take the easiest trail.
I don't like to hike at all.

Question 2/10
How busy is your work schedule?
I basically answer emails in my sleep.
As soon as I leave work, I'm totally done.
I have a good balance.

Question 3/10
You wake up feeling sick. What do you do?
I call out of work and stay in bed.
I call for a doctor's appointment.
I try to make it into work.

Question 4/10
Which vegetable would we find on your plate?

Question 5/10
What do you take the most pictures of?
My food
My pet

Question 6/10
What's your idea of a perfect snowy day?
Staying in to binge watching Netflix.
Going sledding.
Baking and cozying up by a fire.

Question 7/10
When you travel, you tend to pack...
Just the essentials.
Everything I can fit in a carry on.
As many suitcases as I can carry.

Question 8/10
Which is more important to you?
Being cool.
Feeling cool.
Being reliable.
Staying informed.

Question 9/10
How many unread emails are in your inbox?
Zero, I read them all.
Probably a few hundred.
A couple thousand.

Question 10/10
How many years old is your current phone?
1-2 years old
2-3 years old
4+ years old
Are you taking this quiz on an Apple computer while looking at your Apple iPhone? We thought so! It's clear that you're an Apple loyalist, the kind of person who wouldn't dare move to another platform. You're tech-savvy yet minimalistic. Most of the time, you're tied to your phone. Answering work emails, updating your social media, and simply snapping selfies.

Let's face it- you're probably taking this quiz on a Samsung phone. Perhaps, you even have a Samsung computer. You're the kind of person who craves information. Whether it's the latest going on in the world or simply what's going on with your friends. You want the world in your pocket. You don't fall for ads or gimmicks, you just want something that's in it for the long haul.

You're both Apple and Sumsung! Let's face it, you don't care much about brands or being loyal to one or another. You're a grounded and humble soul who just wants something that's built of high quality materials and is going to last for the long haul. Do you care if your phone is 5 years old? Not if it works!

A Bit Of Both