Are You Happy?

Be honest, how happy and satisfied are you with the current state of your life? Feeling a bit unsure of your state of mind? Take this quiz and find out how happy you are!

Question 1/10
How do you feel about your current job?
I dread going
I love it
I love my coworkers
It doesn't bother me
It's work

Question 2/10
What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
All of the good things that might happen
All of the bad things that might happen
That I wish I were still sleeping
That I don't know how I'm going to get through the day
That I'm grateful to be alive

Question 3/10
What do you feel your life is lacking?
Good relationships
Nothing at all

Question 4/10
How often do you feel totally exhausted?
Almost never
If I don't get a good night's sleep
Every day

Question 5/10
What is your favorite hobby?
Hanging out with friends
Watching TV

Question 6/10
What stresses you out?
My family
Absolutely nothing

Question 7/10
What can always make you cry?
Movies/TV shows
I cry everyday

Question 8/10
How often do you do kind things for others?
Once a week
Whenever I can
If I have time
Hardly ever

Question 9/10
Do you regret anything that's happened in your life?
No not at all
Yes, doesn't everyone?
I regret a lot

Question 10/10
How optimistic are you about the future?
Very optimistic
Completely optimistic
Somewhat optimistic
Not optimistic at all
You are super duper happy! You are a happy person through and through. Some people might call you an eternal optimist or even an idealist, but we know that you are truly just happy and living your life to the fullest.

Super Duper Happy
You are a very happy! You almost always have a smile on your face and you truly enjoy the little things in life. It takes quite a lot to bring you down.

Very Happy
You are totally happy and content. Not only are you a completely happy person, but you are also a content person. When it comes to a well lived life, contentment and peace of mind are two of the most important things.

Totally Happy and Content
You are somewhat happy. Like most of us, there are things about your life that you find to be totally gratifying and wonderful, and things you wish you could change. Overall you are thankful for what you have and live joyously.

Somewhat happy
You are a tad bummed out. While you have happy days, the days in which you feel a bit overwhelmed or sad outnumber the happy. We think you could use a bit of cheering up. Seek some comfort from a friend or loved one and feel better soon!

A Tad Bummed Out