Are You As Open Minded As You Think?

You may believe you're open minded. But is that really true?

Question 1/10
Does it bother you when the ending of a movie is open to interpretation?
Yes! I want answers!
Not if it kind of makes sense to me.
No. I like to speculate.

Question 2/10
Have you ever shifted from one extreme to another on an ethical issue?
Yes. We learn new things all the time.
No. I stick to my guns.
No. But I could see that happening.

Question 3/10
You're a bridesmaid who has to wear a hideous dress. What do you do?
Work it.
Modify it.
Refuse to wear it.

Question 4/10
Would you eat something exotic that you couldn't identify?

Question 5/10
Do you enjoy discussing politics and religion?
Yes. I enjoy debate.
Only with people who see things as I do.

Question 6/10
Would you ever modify Grandma's famous recipe?
Only on her suggestion.

Question 7/10
Do racist comments make you uncomfortable?
No. But I do disagree.
Yes, a little.
Yes, extremely.

Question 8/10
You just found out that your favorite celebrity said something remarkably sexist. What do you do?
Stop following them.
Pretend it didn't happen.
Accept their opinion.

Question 9/10
Are you the type of person who can easily step outside your comfort zone?
No, but I try.

Question 10/10
A homeless person tries to start small talk with you. How do you respond?
Ignore it or walk away.
Have a conversation.
I'm not sure.
You are 52% Open Minded. You like your comfort zone, but you try to see other's perspectives.

52% Open Minded
You are 68% Open Minded. You are reasonably comfortable with other perspectives, and you're okay with leaving your comfort zone.

68% Open Minded
You are 79% Open Minded. You are happiest where you're familiar with things, but you are open to new things too.

79% Open Minded
You are 86% Open Minded. You understand that the world is a complex place and you try not to judge others.

86% Open Minded
You are 97% Open Minded. You are capable of understanding and relating to many different perspectives, and you are excited to leave your comfort zone.

97% Open Minded