Are You An Idealist, Realist, Or Surrealist?

Question 1/10
Do you often like to surround yourself with a lot of people?
I prefer to be alone

Question 2/10
Do you often make impulsive decisions?
Every now and then

Question 3/10
Are you easily worked up or stressed out?
Only if I'm overwhelmed
I feel stressed easily
Not really
It depends

Question 4/10
What is the most important thing in a work environment?
Personal space
Team work
Creative thinking
Frequent meetings

Question 5/10
How would you react if a date stood you up?
I'd go out anyway
I'd call up a friend
I'd be devastated
I'd cry and wonder what was wrong with me

Question 6/10
Which pet best mirrors your personality?
Guinea pig

Question 7/10
Do you work well under pressure?
No way
It stresses me out
It depends on the task

Question 8/10
Are you a perfectionist when it comes to projects or work?
Who isn't?
It depends on the job

Question 9/10
What is people's first impression of you?
That you're cheerful and pleasant
That you're intelligent and witty
That you're kind hearted and creative
That you're easy to talk to and charming

Question 10/10
What is your home like?
Tidy and cozy
Modern and sleek
Purely conventional
Well decorated and stylish
Messy but fun
You are an idealist. You often rely on your emotional responses and experiences to form thoughts and opinions on the world. You can often be found daydreaming or creating art, anything to build a world outside of reality.

You are a realist. You are logical, grounded, and prefer hard facts to illusory ideas or concepts. You don't have unprecedented or unrealistic expectations for people or for your experiences.

You are a surrealist. You express your imagination and creativity through rational and concrete means. You thrive in artistic environments and feel stifled when not creating or implementing ideas.

You are a mix of idealism and surrealism! While you can often be found daydreaming of abstract concepts, you also understand how to take those concepts and make them something real.

A Mix Of Idealism And Surrealism
You are a mix of idealism and realism! You are neither too idealistic or realistic. You are a healthy mix of dreamy optimism and sound logic/reasoning.

A Mix Of Idealism And Realism
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Do you the eternal optimist or the down to earth realist? Take this quiz and find out if you're an idealist, realist, or a surrealist!