Are You A Trendy Grandma? Take This Millennial Icon Quiz And Find Out!

You might think you're a grandma who is in the know, but how much of a trendy grandma are you really? Can you identify these millennial icons with ease? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Who is this?
Selena Gomez
Kendall Jenner
Demi Lovato

Question 2/10
Who is this?
Bruno Mars
Will Smith
Michael B. Jordon

Question 3/10
Who is this?
Karlie Kloss
Taylor Swift
LeAnn Rhimes

Question 4/10
Who is this?
Kylie Jenner
Sofia Vergara
Miley Cyrus

Question 5/10
Who is this?
Bon Jovi
Chris Martin
Ed Sheeran

Question 6/10
Who is this?
Christina Aguilera
Miley Cyrus
Lucy Hale

Question 7/10
Who is this?
Tiffani Amber Theeson
Selena Gomez
Lucy Hale

Question 8/10
Who is this?
Imagine Dragons
Twenty One Pilots

Question 9/10
Who is this?
Cardi B

Question 10/10
Who is this?
Gigi Hadid
Jennifer Lawrence
Emma Stone
Based on this millennial icons quiz, you're most definitely a trendy grandma! You've totally stayed up to date on what's cool, who is trending, and what the kids are listening to these days. You're just about as trendy as they come. Your grandkids should definitely appreciate your efforts!

You're A Trendy Grandma!
Based on this millennial icons quiz, you're sort of a trendy grandma! You recognized a few of these trendy faces, but others left you scratching your head in wonder. You try to keep up with what's cool in culture, but sometimes, you just don't get what's going on! Don't worry, we think you're stilly pretty cool!

You're Sort Of A Trendy Grandma!
Based on this millennial icons quiz, you're not a trendy grandma just yet! Sure, you might like to think you're in the loop when it comes to who is popular in music and movies, but unfortunately, you're not quite as clued in as you think you are. Worry not! In taking this quiz, you made some serious steps in the right direction. Maybe it's time for a millennial intervention!

You're Not A Trendy Grandma!