Are You A Tea Or Coffee Person?

Which one fits your personality?

Question 1/10
What do you like to do on rainy days?
Stay under the covers and read a good book
Go outside and dance in the rain
Watch the raindrops roll down the window

Question 2/10
What is your favorite color?
Light pink

Question 3/10
What is your dream vacation?
A trip to England
New York City
Los Angeles

Question 4/10
What TV show do you like the most?
Any cooking show!
Dancing With the Stars
America's Next Top Model

Question 5/10
How would you describe yourself?
Full of energy

Question 6/10
Who is your celebrity crush?
Leonardo DiCaprio
Zac Efron

Question 7/10
How many friends do you have?
Just my best friend
A ton of friends! I hang out with a bunch of different people
A few good friends

Question 8/10
What is your goal in life?
To make money
To find love
To find happiness

Question 9/10
What is your biggest fear?
Being alone
Never finding a soulmate

Question 10/10
What makes you happy?
Spending time with family
Going out
Going on adventures
You are very sophisticated and you take pride in your appearance. You like pastel colors and you tend to be more shy and introverted. You are very good at sticking to deadlines and following rules. You are the friend everyone goes to for advice. You appreciate simplicity.

You are energetic and love spending time with friends. You are very social and tend to pull all-nighters when you've been procrastinating. You sometimes have a hard time getting everything done on time. You are often described as the "life of the party."