Are You A Problem Solver or Starter?

Some of us are problem solvers, we see a problem and try to fix it. And then there are those who are problem starters! They love to stir the pot and create a bit of drama whenever possible. Which category do you fall under: problem solver or starter? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Do people often come to you for advice?

Question 2/10
When you're told a secret, who might you tell it to?
No one! I made a promise.
My spouse or partner.
Anyone who will listen.

Question 3/10
You are cooking and the oil sets fire. What do you do?
Scream and run for the hills.
Smother it with a damp tea towel.
Spray it with water.

Question 4/10
A co-worker just filled you in some juicy gossip. Do you spread it?
That's what gossip is for.
No, and I'd tell them I don't appreciate gossip.
Maybe, but just to one or two people.

Question 5/10
You live with a room mate who won't clean her dishes. How do you deal with this?
Talk to them right away.
Leave an angry note on the fridge.
Drop hints whenever possible.

Question 6/10
You are throwing a party for 100 people and the music cuts out, how do you continue?
I'd call the electric company to fix the problem.
I'd start making my own music.
I'd tell everyone to leave.

Question 7/10
Your co-worker eats your lunch. What do you do?
Confront the entire office.
Leave a polite note on the fridge.
Interrogate potential suspects.

Question 8/10
You show up at an event and see someone wearing the same outfit as you. What do you do?
Walk right up and make a cute joke!
Try to spill something on them.
Ignore it and have a good time.

Question 9/10
You're on a date with a new beau when your ex comes up. What do you do?
Introduce them to each other.
Get up and storm out.
Act passive aggressively towards them.

Question 10/10
You are offered the job of a lifetime but you must move country and leave your partner, what do you do?
Go without thinking.
Think about the future and what it means.
Analyze the pros and cons.
You're a total problem solver! Let's face it, you hate drama. Almost as much as you hate unsolved problems. If you see an issue or problem, you do whatever it takes to make the situation right. Calm and easy going, you strive to avoid conflict. When you can't, you use your charm and wit to make problems disappear.

You're A Problem Solver!
Okay, so you're a bit of a problem starter! Since childhood, you've been an instigator. Someone who loves to stir the pot and cause a bit of trouble. You're attracted to drama like a bee to a flower. You just can't help it! Sure, this can complicate relationships and life from time to time, but it sure is entertaining!

You're A Problem Starter!
You're kind of a mixed bag! Sometimes you're a total problem solver. You strive to make wrongs right and fix whatever is broken in life. Other times, you're a total problem starter. You see an itch of drama and you just can't help but give it a scratch!

You're A Mixed Bag!