Are You A Keeper Or A Teller?

Are you a secret keeper or a teller? Can you be trusted with the deepest darkest secrets of your friends and family? Take these 10 questions and find out if you're a keeper or a teller!

Question 1/10
Do you feel itchy or as if you're going to burst when holding onto a big secret?

Question 2/10
You find out that your friend is having an affair. How tempted are you to out him?
Extremely tempted
Tempted? I tell right away.
I keep it to myself
I consider it but realize it's not my place

Question 3/10
You're making an online dating profile. How likely are you to lie about your age?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Not likely at all

Question 4/10
You find out that your boss is planning on firing your coworker, who is also a friend. Do you tell them right away?
I wrestle with telling them
I keep it to myself but feel tortured
It's not my right to tell them

Question 5/10
Would you ever write a childhood tell all?
No way that's too personal
I'd consider it
It depends on how in depth they wanted me to be

Question 6/10
If you were pregnant prior to getting married, would you tell the family, or keep the secret?
Tell the family
Keep the secret
Tell a select few people
They'll find out eventually

Question 7/10
Which political party do you identify with?

Question 8/10
A friend confides in you that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer but doesn't want anyone to know just yet. What do you do?
I keep her secret
I don't tell until she gives me permission
I tell a few of our close friends
I tell my spouse or significant other
It's not my place to decide who knows

Question 9/10
You've uncovered a flaw at your job that could result in others being hurt if you don't tell, but it will cost your company a lot of money. Do you tell?
Absolutely, people could get hurt
I tell a few higher ups
I keep it to myself
I leave an anonymous note
I'm not sure

Question 10/10
You find out that a friend lied about earning a college degree. Do you tell anyone their secret?
No way
I tell a few people
It's up to them to tell other people
You are a keeper and a guarder of secrets. As someone who often keeps their feelings close to their heart, you know how difficult it can be to share a secret. That's why you protect the secrets of others as you protect your own. You would never betray a friend or colleague by telling their secrets.

When it comes to secrets and trust, you are a teller. It's not that you like the idea of betraying a friend's trust or going back on a promise, but it is often difficult for you to hold in information, especially if it is something you are having a difficult time processing. You often look to others for guidance and advice, which is why you can sometimes divulge the secrets of others as a way to make sense of their problems.

For the most part, you are a keeper, but every now and then you can't help but divulge a secret or two. In all fairness, you never tell a secret out of spite or to hurt another person, but rather to protect that person or keep them safe. For example, if a friend told you that they were considering harming themselves or doing something silly, you would tell in order to protect them. There's something quite noble about your ability to judge a situation and respond appropriately.

Sometimes Keeper
When it comes to secrets you are a sometimes teller. You have a bad habit of divulging secrets that you deem as juicy or gossip worthy. You simply can't keep something that good to yourself. Even though you often feel guilty after letting the secret out, you still can't help yourself.

Sometimes Teller
You are both a keeper and a teller! You always do a fantastic job of judging a situation by its urgency and gravity. When something needs to be told (ie: to protect someone) you will tell a secret. When a secret needs to be kept (ie: to keep a promise), you will always keep the information to yourself. Your morals are highly commendable!

A Keeper and a Teller