Answer These Serious Morality Questions And We’ll Guess Which State You Live In!

Can your moral position really reveal which state you live in? The answer is: yes! Believe it or not, some states are inherently more moral and virtuous than others. A few states are even considered downright sinful! Can we guess which state you call home based on your answers to these serious morality questions? Let's begin!

Question 1/10
If you accidentally committed a crime, what would you do?
Turn myself in, it's only right.
Try to fix it, if I could.
I'd try to push it out of my mind.
I'd lay low and never tell.
I wouldn't care, no one's going to catch me.

Question 2/10
You found out that your best friend is being cheated on. Do you tell them about it?
Absolutely, I owe it to them.
I would try to, but don't kill the messenger!
I wouldn't say anything unless it came up.
Nope, it's none of my business.
I'd consider it, I hate their partner.

Question 3/10
A neighbor is snowed in on your street. Do you help them?
Yes, that's what neighbors are for.
I'd lend a hand if they asked.
I'd loan them my shovel.
Nope, I have my own snow to deal with.

Question 4/10
If you saw someone who looked terrified while out and about, what would you do?
I'd stop and ask them if they're in trouble.
I'd ask if they needed help.
I wouldn't do anything unless they approached me.
I would just walk by, I have my own stuff to worry about.

Question 5/10
What are your thoughts on gambling?
It's a slippery slope.
It's not for me.
It can be fun every now and then.
I love to gamble!

Question 6/10
Do you think white lies are bad?
Yes, I don't tell them.
In some cases.
I don't like them in any capacity.
They're fine in some instances.
They save my butt daily!

Question 7/10
You're on a hike and you hear someone calling, "Help!" Do you go looking for them?
Yes, they could be hurt!
I'd call the park ranger.
I would call out to them for a response.
I'd think it was odd but would keep hiking.
Nah, not my problem.

Question 8/10
How many nights a week do you have a drink?
Every night, it helps me relax!
Maybe three nights a week.
Only on the weekends.
Hardly ever.

Question 9/10
If you accidentally cut someone off in a store, how do you react?
I apologize.
I let them go ahead of me.
I stay in the spot.
I would just hope they didn't notice.

Question 10/10
It's time to make a customer service call. Are you sweet or a little angry?
I'm always very nice and polite.
I try to be as sweet as I can.
I can be a bit edgy.
It depends on how long I've been on hold.
I'm a little more on the angry side.
Based on your answers, we believe you live in Florida! Okay, so based on research, Florida is known as the least moral state. Floridians just aren't always concerned with the greater good, often letting morality take a backseat to having a good time. Though you may not be the most moral person there is, at least you get to enjoy those Florida beaches!

Based on your answers, we believe you call California home! This state may be home to abundant sunshine and pristine beaches, but research shows it is also one of the least moral states in the country. Hey, with all the opportunities for fun, morality just isn't always on the menu. Though you can be moral and good in regards to those you love, it isn't always a priority to do the right or ethical thing.

Based on your answers, we believe you call the great state of Vermont home! Research shows that Vermont is the most moral state in the US, which means you're just about as virtuous as they come. You're the type of person who always strives to do the right thing and always takes the feelings of others into account when making a choice. If only everyone were more like you and the other Vermonters!

Based on your answers to these moral situations, we think you're from Maine! Research shows that Maine is the second most moral state in the US, which means you have very high moral standards. Ethical and thoughtful, you always strive to do the right thing, even if it's the hard thing to do. Like most Mainers, you believe that morality is a very important aspect of living well.

Based on how you answered these moral questions, you call the state of Washington home! Research shows that Washington is a state that often toes the line. Most of the time, morality is a priority to folks in this state, but sometimes, a little bit of fun or excitement can lead to some immorality. Like folks in this state, you're neither too moral or too immoral. You've found a true balance between the two!