Answer 10 Weird Questions And We’ll Determine How Progressive You Are!

You might think you're pretty progressive, but are you actually as forward thinking as you think you are? Answer these 10 totally weird questions and we'll determine exactly how progressive you really are!

Question 1/10
What color shirt are you wearing right now?

Question 2/10
Warm lighting or bright white lighting?
Warm lighting
Bright lighting
Depends on the day
Total darkness

Question 3/10
Who would you most like to punch in the face?
My boss
My grade school bully
My sibling
That one cousin
Reality TV stars

Question 4/10
What's your least favorite mode of transportation?
Ride share

Question 5/10
Which day do you consider the start of the week, Sunday or Monday?
Either is acceptable

Question 6/10
You have ten dollars and five minutes at the grocery store. What do you buy?
Trashy magazines
All the candy I can get my hands on
Ice cream pints
Fruit and yogurt!

Question 7/10
Tomorrow is the end of humanity. What do you think will destroy us?
The sun
Global warming
Zombie apocalypse

Question 8/10
Are you happy with the person you are becoming?
Yes, absolutely. I'm a delight!
Sure, for the most part.
Not really, I could use some changes.

Question 9/10
Which political animal do you hate the most?
What's a political animal?

Question 10/10
You believe the best news comes from...
That guy on my TV.
My friends on Facebook.
A newspaper.
Word of mouth.
You are just about as progressive as they come! You're extremely open-minded and knowledgable, always looking for ways to expand your world view and see things from all sides. You tend to think very outside of the box, embracing a more liberal way of life and striving towards a future where all people have equal opportunities to thrive!

As Progressive As They Come!
You are very progressive! You don't see things for what they are, but for what they could be. You believe that all people have a right to thrive and are constantly seeking ways to help open minds and progress the world forward. You don't think of technology as the enemy and truly embrace the future with open arms.

Very Progressive
You are somewhat progressive! While you may not be the most progressive person on earth (you much prefer tradition), you're open-minded enough to consider new possibilities for living and a new way of doing things. While it can be hard for you to adapt to a changing world, you always find a way to lean in and embrace what's yet to come.

Somewhat Progressive
You're not very progressive at all! While many people are focused on bucking tradition and starting a new way of living, you're tethered to the past. You're an old soul with a traditional way of doing things. While some progress is okay, you think many people are far too eager to ditch the way things were for what they could be!

Not Progressive At All