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Which Famous Jukebox Song Is Your Soul?

Put in a quarter or two and start humming your favorite jukebox tune! Everyone has a famous jukebox song that truly represents their soul. It's a song that makes them come alive time and time again! Do you know which famous jukebox song is most like your soul? Hit play on this virtual jukebox to begin!

Question 1/10

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What would you most like to drink while getting down to some Jukebox tunes?
An ice cold beer
A glass of wine
A milkshake
A delicious Coke
Just water for me

Question 2/10

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At a bar or diner, where do you like to sit?
At the bar
At a table
In a booth
It doesn't matter to me.

Question 3/10

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What's your favorite diner delicacy?
Meat loaf
Club sandwich
Burger and fries
Roast beef
Country style breakfast

Question 4/10

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What do you miss about being young?
The excitement
The friendships
The freedom
The adventure
I don't miss being young

Question 5/10

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A lot of folks can't stand people who chew loudly. What's your biggest pet peeve?
Loud talkers
None of these

Question 6/10

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You just took a time machine back to the 1950s. What do you want to do first?
Head to a drive-in movie
Go to a sock hop
Go steady with someone cute
Grab a meal at a diner
Listen to records

Question 7/10

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Sometimes you really wish that other people were more...

Question 8/10

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Do you care what other people think of you?
Nope, it's too much work
Only if I like them
If they're attractive
Yes, very much so

Question 9/10

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Which emojis do you rely on the most?
Hearts and peace symbols.
Winky faces and eggplants.
Bomb and fire emoji.
Heart-eyes and crying face.
I don't use emojis.

Question 10/10

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At the end of the day, you're just a true...
Free thinker
Old soul
Rock star

YMCA By The Village People

If you were a famous jukebox tune, you would be YMCA by the Village People! You really live your life out loud without a care in the world. While some are concerned what others think, you speak your truth and own your authenticity.

My Girl By The Temptations

If you were a famous jukebox tune, you would be My Girl by the Temptations! A hopeless romantic with a deeply sensitive soul. You feel a song like this right down in your bones. Whether it is romantic love or love for a family member, you're all about spreading those good vibes!

Billie Jean By Michael Jackson

If you were a famous jukebox tune, you would be Billie Jean by Michael Jackson! A little mysterious and complex yet totally cool and laid back. You just evoke a feeling of chill and serious confidence.

I Will Survive By Gloria Gaynor

If you were a famous jukebox tune, you would be "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor! Let's face it, you're a resilient and confident soul who can get through whatever life throws your way. Go ahead and shout it from the rooftops, a cool and confident cat like you will always prevail!

Old Time Rock N' Roll By Bob Seger

If you were a famous jukebox tune, you would be Old Time Rock N' Roll by Bob Seger! You're an old soul trapped in a modern body. You often feel a deep nostalgia for the past, even for times you've never lived through. Laid back and cool, you try not to take life or it's challenges too seriously. No wonder people see you as the resident cool one of the friend group!

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