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What’s Your Dark Power?

Though you may steer towards the light, everyone has a dark side. When faced with temptation or the lure of darkness, do you have a dark power that emerges? What is your dark power? Can you truly harness your dark magic well? Let's find out!

Question 1/10

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You see a man approach you who says he is lost. Will you give him any directions?
No, I don't trust him.
It depends on his overall look/vibe.
Of course I would.
Possibly, it depends on the time of day.
It depends on his tone.

Question 2/10

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Do you have the ability to sense emotions, thoughts and feelings in other people?
Yes, quite easily.
No, not in the slightest.
On certain days.
If I know them well.

Question 3/10

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What do you think is the scariest part about being alone in the dark?
What lurks in the shadows.
My own thoughts.
The overall vibe.
I actually quite enjoy the dark.
The fear of the unknown.

Question 4/10

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If you had secret superpowers, would you tell anyone about them?
My parents
My best friend
My partner
Anyone and everyone.
Not a soul.

Question 5/10

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Which of these evil images would you want to get a tattoo of?
A skull
A serpent
A poison apple
The devil himself
A clown

Question 6/10

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Do you believe that life is more dependent on luck or ability?
A mix of both
Neither one

Question 7/10

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Choose the Disney villain you most easily relate to:
The Evil Queen

Question 8/10

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Everyone has a great smile, but which of these adjectives would you use to describe yours?

Question 9/10

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What scares you most about death?
What happens after.
Leaving my family and friends.
Ending up in hell.
The unknown.
Nothing at all.

Question 10/10

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Do you believe in the paranormal?
Yes, I've seen it with my own eyes.
Yes, I've made contact.
Somewhat, but not in the way the movies portray.
No, not at all.

Demonic Magic

Your dark power is demonic magic! There is a darkness that lies within you controlled by forces much darker than yourself. You may even be the epitome of evil, which indicates that you can control your dark powers quite well. Deceptive and cunning, you aren't afraid to step on others or lie to get what you want in life. You truly believe in the supernatural and other realms, which is how you invite dark powers into your life daily.

Dragon Breath

Your dark power is dragon breath! Complex and mysterious, you have a hard time controlling your thoughts and feelings, especially those nagging negative thoughts that come at night. You often breath in and out deeply, just to control your emotions inside. Though you're mostly good at heart, you do have an inner darkness.


Your dark power is telekinesis! Highly sensitive and connected to those around you, it is easy for you to read the minds of others. Sometimes, you know what someone is thinking or feeling by simply looking at them once. Aside from reading minds, you can also move objects by thought. Your mind altering abilities have often reared darkness and challenges in your life.

Mind Control

Your dark power is mind control. As someone who has always craved power and the ability to manipulate others, you developed the dark power of mind control. It is easy for you to control people by manipulating their thoughts and emotions. Sometimes, those around you almost seem brainwashed by your words.

Shadow Play

Your dark power is shadow play. When darkness emerges, you're at one with the shadows. Manipulating forms, playing tricks and scaring others is all just the name of the game. Deeply in touch with the paranormal and other realms, you can conjure spirits and truly let the dead out to play.

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