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What’s Your Alternate Fantasy Life?

Everyone has an alternate fantasy life, but what does yours actually entail? Are you ready to find out? Embark on this quiz and discover what your alternate fantasy life truly is!

Question 1/10

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What's your ideal mode of transport?
Private jet
Bullet train

Question 2/10

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What does your fantasy wedding include?
Fields of lavender
Rooftops and city lights
A sandy beach and some cocktails
A quick Vegas affair

Question 3/10

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Which movie makes you misty-eyed with longing?
Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Wolf of Wall Street
Top Gun
Roman Holiday
None of these

Question 4/10

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Have you ever seriously considered picking up and starting over?
Every now and then...

Question 5/10

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Friends often say that you're....
The life of every party
A loyal and true friend
A free spirit
A homebody
An old soul

Question 6/10

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Which element does your zodiac align with?

Question 7/10

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What's your spirit animal?
A wolf
A peacock
A lion
A dog
A dolphin

Question 8/10

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Do you consider yourself to be a materialistic person?

Question 9/10

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How do you really want to spend your Saturday nights?
Hitting up the latest clubs
Jet setting to a new city
Staying in with a good movie
Going to a gallery or theater opening
Hitting the bar scene

Question 10/10

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Knowing your neighbors is....
Great, everyone can look out for each other.
Not necessary, fences make good neighbors as they say.
Okay, but can get sketchy.

To Own A Farm In The Country

In your alternate fantasy life, you own a massive farm in the country! City life might be enjoyable for the time being, but what you really want is a big sprawling plot of land, some animals, and a farm house that is all your own. You crave simplicity, tradition, and the satisfaction of working with your hands.

To Be Wealthy In A Big City

In your alternate fantasy life, you are extremely wealthy and living in a big city! You've always dreamed of looking out of the windows of your penthouse apartment out onto a glimmering sea of city lights. You'd love to pass by a door man who knows your name only to be greeted by a driver who is willing to take you to the city's best restaurants and shops. Maybe one day your fantasy will be a reality!

To Live On A Remote Island

In you alternate fantasy life, you're living on a remote island end enjoying life's simple pleasures! You're tired of the rat race of everyday life. Not only do you crave a break from the pace of life in the states, but you crave relaxation, time in nature, and a little bit of time alone. One day, your dreams might just become a reality!

To Be A Famous Actor/Actress

In your alternate fantasy life, you are a famous actor or actress! Who wouldn't love to be a beloved A-list celebrity adored by all? In your daydreams, you fantasize about being a true Hollywood darling. Whether you're racking up awards, starring in the biggest hit of the summer, or doing a cover shoot for Vogue; in your alternate fantasy life, you're as famous as they come!

To Start Over New In A Different Country

In you're alternate fantasy life, you're starting over in a different country! Like so many people, you dream of leaving your current life behind and starting completely fresh in a new land. You'd love to go where no one knows your name, your story, or your past. Instead, you want a blank canvas that you can draw your own masterpiece upon.

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