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What Type Of Road Trip Passenger Are You?

Out on the road, everyone has a distinct personality as soon as they settle into the passenger seat! Exactly what kind of road trip passenger are you? Do people actually want you to come along for the ride? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover the truth!

Question 1/10

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As a passenger, where do you prefer to sit?
In the backseat.
It doesn't matter.

Question 2/10

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How many hours do you like to travel per day on a road trip?
6 hours
10 hours
12 hours
15 hours
24 hours

Question 3/10

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When packing the car for a road trip, how much do you bring?
Just the essentials, I can buy what I need along the way.
Maybe a backpack and a duffel bag.
A suitcase or two.
Three or four suitcases.
My entire life.

Question 4/10

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You're stopping at a gas station for provisions. What do you pick up?
Coffee, soda, and a few energy drinks.
Some healthy snacks and a drink.
Candy, chips, and snack cakes.
An extra large coffee and a donut.
Just some gum and a water.

Question 5/10

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You're in for a long drive. How do you relax?
Start up a fun road trip game.
Resting my eyes.
Texting my friends.
Eating and drinking.
Studying the map for fun landmarks.

Question 6/10

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What's the worst thing that can happen on a road trip?
Losing cell phone service.
A lull in the conversation.
Running out of gas.
Missing an important landmark.
Having to pee on the side of the road.

Question 7/10

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Your group wants to stop for the night. What do you suggest?
Camp out under the stars.
Finding a motel.
Finding a hotel or resort.
Sleeping in the car.
Forging through.

Question 8/10

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Have you ever gotten in an argument on a road trip?
Yes, it's part of the territory.
No, I'm pretty relaxed.
A few times, but not often.

Question 9/10

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How would your fellow travelers describe you?
Easy going

Question 10/10

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You want to hit up a fast food joint for lunch. What do you suggest?
Burger King
Taco Bell

The Napper

You're the road trip napper! You may claim that you're excited to see the scenery and swear up and down that you're great at reading a map, but as soon as the tires hit the pavement, you're out cold. You're almost always lulled to sleep by the sound of the car driving down the highway. You may be totally useless as a passenger, but you're always well rested and ready to take on driving duties when it's called for!

The Talker

You're the talker when out on a road trip! You can't stand to be bored and your greatest fear is letting a lull in conversation occur thus plunging the car into a deep awkward silence. To prevent this, you're almost always chatting away and coming up with new topics to discuss or games to play. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to chit chat for 12 hours a day!

The Texter

When out on a road trip, you're a total texter! You simply can't exist without your phone in your hand and your worst fear is traveling into an area where there's no reception. When you're not driving, you're texting everyone and their mother about whatever pops into your mind. You love to take selfies, journal through social media, and hate the boredom of not having a phone in hand.

The Bladder

When out on a road trip, you're the bladder! You love soda, water, and coffee. There's almost no chance of you being found without a drink in hand. Not only are you always thirsty when on the road, but you're the one asking everyone to stop for a pee break every half hour. Your friends just can't help but wonder how small your bladder really is.

The Tour Guide

When out on a road trip, you love to play the role of tour guide. You're the type who has spent months researching every little fact about each area you knew you'd be traveling through. From trivia to landmarks, you don't miss a beat when out on the road. You love to plan, always have a map nearby, and just can't help but feel drawn by those chintzy roadside attractions.

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