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What Type of Kindness Do You Possess?

There are 5 types of kindness in this world, do you know what type of kindness you possess? Ready to find out? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover just what type of kind you really are! The results might just surprise you!

Question 1/10

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Which one of these gives you the fuzzies?
Quality time
Words of affirmation
Lending a hand

Question 2/10

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The best way to thank someone kind is...
By saying "thanks"....
By paying it forward
By giving bear hugs
With a hand written card
By returning the favor

Question 3/10

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Which one of these is most important to you?
Good manners
Greeting others with a smile
Doing the right thing
Volunteering time
Spending time with family and friends

Question 4/10

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A family member is in need of a little money. What do you do?
I loan it to them.
I ask them to do some work for me first.
I anonymously send the cash.
I let them work it out on their own.
I help them find a better job.

Question 5/10

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You are stopped on the street by a charity volunteer asking you to donate. You think…
How annoying!
This is a good cause!
Good for them, take my money!
I don't even give them a thought!

Question 6/10

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After waiting for the elevator, it finally arrives. You get in and see someone else approaching. What do you do?
Hold the door for them
Quickly hit the "close door" button
Pray that the door closes on its own
Pretend not to see them

Question 7/10

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Your finances are in the red, but it’s your partner’s birthday tomorrow. You think....
Time to make something sentimental!
I need to do what I can to get a gift.
I'll shower them with acts of kindness!
I'll have to explain the situation.

Question 8/10

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If someone close to you lands in the hospital, what do you do?
I send over flowers and a card.
I visit them every day.
I make sure to call them each night.
I send gifts and show up.
I wait until they get out and help them around the house.

Question 9/10

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What's your favorite holiday?
Fourth of July

Question 10/10

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If you were an animal, you would be a...

Attentive Kindness

You possess attentive kindness! When a friend or loved one tells of a bad day or speaks of their latest adventure, your eyes don't simply glaze over with boredom, you pay attention! Paying attention and being an active listener is one of the kindest things you can do for another person. This allows them to feel heard, loved, and cared for!

Forgiving Kindness

You possess a forgiving kind of kindness! You don't beat up others for their short comings and you certainly don't sweat the small stuff. You keep life in perspective, understanding that humans will inevitably make mistakes and that it's up to you to choose a reaction. By reacting with kindness, forgiveness, and compassion, you allow those around you to freely be themselves.

Active Kindness

You possess active kindness! You don't just think kind thoughts or show compassion, you practice active kindness. You routinely give back to the less fortunate through your time and your physical presence , rather than just by donating a monetary gift. When a friend or loved one is need, you're the first to show up to lend a hand!

Strong Kindness

You possess strong kindness! Though your kindness, you can make up for the weaknesses of others by being a pillar of strength. You are always steadfast, dependable, and willing to lend a hand. Others see you as a source of strength and resolve. Your kindness can truly change lives!

Responsible Kindness

You possess responsible kindness! Your the type who always picks up after themselves, treats others with respect, lets others know when you're going to be late, and generally puts the feelings of others into focus before making a decision. You're responsible and caring in all of your actions, even if it might put you out in the short term. Your kindness can truly help others to lead a better life!

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