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What Kind Of Handshake Do You Have?

They say a handshake can be a dead giveaway for the type of person you truly are inside. Ever wondered what kind of handshake you have? Simply answer these 10 quiz questions truthfully and we'll reveal the handshaking truth about you!

Question 1/10

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How do you most prefer to greet someone new?
With a hug.
With a handshake.
With a kiss on the cheek.
With a wave.
Something else.

Question 2/10

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When in a new environment, you tend to feel very...

Question 3/10

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Be honest, do you ever think about germs when shaking someone's hand?
It's typically my first thought.
It crosses my mind.
Yes, and it grosses me out!
Nope, not really.
If they seem like an unclean person...

Question 4/10

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Which word would your mom or dad use to describe you?

Question 5/10

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What does your wardrobe mostly consist of?
Nice blouses or shirts
Tees and jeans
Dresses or skirts
Casual polos or khakis
Anything and everything

Question 6/10

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Do you like to do a high five?
Only if someone else initiates it.
Yes, it's pretty fun!
Sure, why not?
Nope, it's childish.
Depends on the situation.

Question 7/10

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How big is your personal space?
It's big, I need lots of space.
It's pretty big I guess.
Bigger than average.
Normal I'd say.
Small I suppose.

Question 8/10

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Would we find a bottle of hand sanitizer on your person right now?
Yes, more than one.
Yes, just one bottle.
Maybe, let me check...
Nope, not a drop.

Question 9/10

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Are you right handed or left handed?
Right handed
Left handed

Question 10/10

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Are your palms ever sweaty?
Yes, how did you know!
When it's hot outside.
They're kind of sweaty.
I wouldn't describe them as sweaty per say...
Nope, not at all.

The Sweaty Palms

You have the sweaty palms handshake! Let's face it, your palms are just about as sweaty and clammy as can be come handshake time. You're a naturally nervous and anxious person, which means your nervous system gets activated and produces more sweat. You can't help it, you just feel a bit on edge!

The Dead Fish

Your handshake is the dead fish! Much like the name implies, this handshake signifies indifference, sensitivity and passivity. You're a pretty passive and reserved person who doesn't always take what you want in life. Rather than aggression or confidence, you go for humility and patience.

Hand Crusher

Your handshake can best be describes as a hand crusher! You have the type of handshake where you almost crush the hand of the other person. Strong and intimidating, your handshake lets the other person know that you mean business and never back down from a challenge.

The Shug

Your handshake could best be described as the shug! Usually seen among politicians, this type of handshake conveys warmth, friendliness and a sense of being quite trustworthy. In this handshake, the left hand covers the other person's right hand. It's almost like a hug for the hand!

The Personal Space

Your handshake is best described as the personal space. This is a handshake where the hands do not meet, just the fingers. Typically, this indicates a need for personal space and a bit of distance. You're the type of person who likes a bit of space and often needs to spend time on your own rather than with others.

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