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What Is Your Communication Style?

We don’t all try to get our ideas and words across in the same way. Some people are upfront and straightforward, others are passive aggressive or shy. Take this quiz to see what kind of communication style YOU have!


Question 1/10

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What type of person are you?
A bit of both

Question 2/10

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Have you ever gotten into a fist fight?
Yes, it was a crazy experience.
Yes, but it was all fun and games.
No, I never would.

Question 3/10

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Your friend really wants to go see a movie that you've already watched and hated. What do you tell her?
'I've already watched it, and I don't want to watch it again.'
'Sure, maybe I'll go with you.'
'That movie wasn't very good. I don't think you'll like it.'
'I may have this event to go to.'

Question 4/10

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How much do you try to avoid conflict?
At all costs
Only if it's unnecessary
Not at all - bring it on!

Question 5/10

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A friend comes to you with a problem. What's your first instinct?
I need to get his mind off of it!
I don't think I should get involved.
Let's try to logically think this one through.
Who messed with my friend?

Question 6/10

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When you argue with someone, do you often raise your voice?
Yes, very often.
Sometimes, but not to the volume of a yell.
Sometimes, but I always end up trying to change the subject before that happens.
Never, I give into the other person before it gets to that point.

Question 7/10

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Which adjective have others used to describe you most often?

Question 8/10

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How do you take your coffee?
With milk or cream
With sugar

Question 9/10

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You bought a shirt from a department store, and when you got home, you see that there's a small tear on the sleeve. What do you do?
Forget about it - it's small anyways.
Take it back to the store and demand a refund.
Call the store and ask them what their refund policy is.

Question 10/10

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On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most, how easy is it for you to bring up a controversial subject with someone who you know has a contrary opinion to yours?


You have a very passive communication style. It may be your introverted spirit, or you might just not feel the need to put so much strength into being heard. Because of this, you often bite your tongue and do more listening than speaking, and you rarely get your own ideas and thoughts across. Don't be afraid to speak your mind! You have value to add to any conversation.


You have a very straightforward, upfront communication time. You're confident enough to let others know what you're thinking but also wise enough not to get too worked up or be passive about it. Others respect you for being such an effective communicator - they always know how you're feeling and you rarely offend anyone!


You're very passionate about your ideas and what you believe in. Because of this, when you communicate with others, you are often perceived as controversial, uptight, and angry. However, you know that this is only because you feel so strongly about the message you're trying to get across. If you try to tone it down a bit, and express yourself in a calmer way, you may see better results!


You hate conflict and aggression with a passion. However, you also can't just 'let it go' if you want to get your ideas across to someone else. Because of these things, you try to beat around the bush a lot when you communicate with others to both try to let them know what you're thinking AND avoid confrontations. Try being upfront and straightforward sometimes - this approach may produce better results!

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