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What Candy Best Represents Your Sex Life?

Think long and hard about your sex life. Which candy really depicts what goes on in your bedroom? Feel free to think outside the box on this quiz. Is your sex life a bit of a "Snickers?" Perhaps, it's more like some Fun Dip! Let's find out which candy really best represents what goes on behind your closed doors!

Question 1/10

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First of all- what kind of relationship are you in?
Open relationship
Long term monogamous
Married, monogamous.
Single and loving it!

Question 2/10

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What's the best precursor to a night of intimate hijinks?
A nice candlelit dinner
A board game
A night on the town
Lots of alcohol
Just TV and some food

Question 3/10

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Have you ever injured yourself in the bedroom?
On more than one occasion!
Not that I can recall.
Just a few bumps and bruises.
Yup, things get pretty rowdy!

Question 4/10

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Put your humbleness aside for a second. How good are you in the bedroom?
I'm spectacular.
I've been told I'm a good time.
I think I'm about average.
I'm a love machine.
I'm okay I guess.

Question 5/10

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If you were having a bit of trouble in the bedroom, would it be easy for you to talk about it?
Yes, I'm not embarrassed in the slightest.
Somewhat, I'd be as honest as I can be.
Not at all, I'm a bit bashful about these things.

Question 6/10

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Do you like to plan a night of romance or is it more of a spur of the moment thing?
I always like to plan ahead.
I try to mix it up and do both.
I like to let whatever happens, happen.
I leave everything up to chance.

Question 7/10

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About how many times per week are you getting busy?
All 7!

Question 8/10

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Are you all about getting to business or do you like some seduction and foreplay ahead of time?
There's got to be foreplay!
I'm into it both ways.
A little foreplay is nice.
I'll take what I can get.
Get down to business!

Question 9/10

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Have you ever gotten frisky outside of the bedroom?
I'm very adventurous.
Only as far as the living room.
Whenever, wherever!
Nope, and that's how I like it.
Not yet, but I'd be open to it.

Question 10/10

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They say men think about sex every 10 seconds. How often do you think about it?
Almost never

Fun Dip

Your sex life is best represented by Fun Dip! Just as the name implies, your life behind closed doors is a whole lot of fun. You don't have a whole lot of limitations when it comes to the bedroom and just want to have a good time. You don't think, you just feel. Sure, you may be a bit more adventurous than most, but you wouldn't want it any other way!

Good N' Plenty

The candy that represents your sex life is Good n' Plenty! Just as the name implies, you don't ever experience a shortage of hijinks behind closed doors. Not only are you getting busy more often than most, but you're having a pretty good time while doing so! In your opinion, life's too short to have a boring life in the bedroom.


Your sex life is most like Nerds candy! Uh, how do we put this delicately, your sex life is a bit on the Nerdy side. It's a little weird, kind of fun, and not always consistent. While you may not be experiencing crazy movie style hijinks behind close doors, you do have a bit of nerdy fun when you do!

Hot Tamales

Your sex life is best represented by Hot Tamales! As the name implies, your sex life simply could not be any spicier. When you do get busy behind closed doors, it's full of passion, heat, and a whole lot of spice. Sure, it may not happen as often as you'd like, but it's almost always worth the wait!


Your sex life is most like a Snickers bar! Uh, sadly, you don't have much going on behind closed doors right now. You're in a bit of dry spell, which can only be represented by the sense of humor you've learned to keep about your lack of sexual hijinks. Worry not, good things take time. In the meantime, grab a Snickers and make the most of your alone time!

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