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This Test Will Reveal Your True Outlook On Life.

Answering this quiz truthfully will reveal what your true outlook really is on life. Are you ready to find out how you really view the world? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
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How would you describe yourself in one word?

Question 2/10
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What are you most passionate about?
My work/career
My family/friends
Creating something great
My faith

Question 3/10
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What advice would you give to yourself 3 years ago?
Be patient
Be kind
Forgive others and yourself
You're perfect as you are

Question 4/10
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Do you currently love your job?
I'm not sure

Question 5/10
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What vibe does your ideal home give off?

Question 6/10
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What do you fear most in life?
Not achieving my goals
Failure or mistakes
Being lonely

Question 7/10
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What is your worst habit?
Judging myself or others
None of these

Question 8/10
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What is the meaning of life?

Question 9/10
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Are you afraid of letting others get close to you?

Question 10/10
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Are you more introverted or extroverted?
A little bit of both

You Believe Everything Happens For A Reason
Sometimes it feels as if the universe has a plan for all of us. Whether it does or it doesn’t, one thing is true; every experience is a growth experience that happens for a reason. While that reason isn’t always clear at the time, you truly believe that every mistake, setback, and emotional ride you’re taken on, happens because it is supposed to.

You Believe In Staying Present
You believe that being present and in the moment is the most important thing a person can be. Life is fleeting and time marches forward whether we want it to or not. You understand that enjoying and recognizing each moment for exactly what it is, will not only keep you mindful, it will keep you happy.

You Believe Love Conquers All
At the end of the day, it’s not money or possessions that make us whole, it’s love. Loving our friends, family, pets, and so on is the most radical thing a person can do in this world. You truly believe that love can supersede even dire situations.

You Believe Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy
You are you who you because that’s who you were meant to be. Comparing yourself to others doesn’t lead to happiness, it leads to self-doubt. You know that the greatest thing a person can do to stay happy and focus on loving themselves, flaws and all.

You Believe Tomorrow Is Another Day
You know that even if life is finite by nature, that every new day is a chance to begin again and start anew. All of the mistakes or problems of yesterday may still exist, but each morning is a fresh beginning and an opportunity to make things right.

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