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Should You Work For A Company Or Become A Freelancer?

What type of job would suit you best?


Question 1/10
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Are you someone who wants to be in charge of others?
Yes I do
Not at all

Question 2/10
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Is money extremely important to you?
Of course
Not really

Question 3/10
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Do you love challenges or taking risks?
Yes I do
Not really

Question 4/10
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Are you in it for the money or the passion?
For the money
For the passion
For both

Question 5/10
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How much control do you want over your time and life decisions?
Total control
I would like a bit of control
I don't care

Question 6/10
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Do you have a mentor that pushes you and inspires you?
I inspire myself

Question 7/10
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What would your current boss say about you?

Question 8/10
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How do you feel around crowds?
I feel nervous
I like being around people
I can tolerate it

Question 9/10
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Where would you rather work?
At home
In an office building

Question 10/10
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Are you an argumentative person?
Yes I am
I can be
No I'm not

Work For A Company
You're a diligent and effective person but you're not a fan of working on your own. You do best when you work under someone who will give you guidance. Freelance is not something for you because you don't think you'd be able to keep yourself on track always.

Become A Freelancer
You have a passion in your heart to create something amazing and new. You don't work well with others and you'd rather work on your own. You do best when faced with a challenge. You're not a fan of working under a boss because you feel stifled.

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