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Should You Visit Australia, Japan, or Austria?

With so many countries to visit, how do you know which is right for you? Should you visit Australia, Japan, or Austria? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover where you should head on your next vacation!

Question 1/10
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You can have anything you want for lunch today. What do you choose?
Shrimp tacos
A flaky pastry
A sandwich

Question 2/10
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How do you prefer to get around a foreign country?
I like to drive and take in the sceneary.
By train.
By cab or ride share.
On foot.

Question 3/10
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You've noticed you're putting on a few pounds. What do you do?
Go on a juice cleanse and detox.
Start working out a bit more.
Lay off the sweets, but that's about it.

Question 4/10
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You're not feeling up to company but your friend wants to come over. What do you do?
Let them come over, it'll be fine!
Turn off all the lights and pretend to be asleep.
Politely tell them I'm not up for it.

Question 5/10
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When traveling, it's most important for you to have....
Lots of snacks and treats on hand.
Sunscreen, bug spray, and comfy shoes.
Books, magazines, and music.

Question 6/10
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What are you most nostalgic about?
My heritage.
My childhood.
My favorite songs.
Certain foods.

Question 7/10
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When someone insults you, you tend to...
Insult them right back, except worse.
Curse at them under my breath.
Let it go, life's too short.

Question 8/10
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You're traveling on a Sunday. What do you do?
Go to the local church for a service.
Stay in my hotel and order breakfast in bed.
Go shopping.
Take a nature walk.

Question 9/10
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You hate it when you have to work past....

Question 10/10
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Have you ever seen "The Sound of Music?"
I can't remember

You should visit Australia! In your opinion, vacations should never ever be boring. In fact, they should be jam packed with as much adventure, food, and culture as one can possibly take! You're an adrenaline junkie who is always on the go. Australia is the perfect country for you to spend a week or two in!

You should visit Japan! In your opinion, a great vacation means stepping outside of your comfort zone and truly immersing in a new culture. Trying new foods, listening to new types of music, and seeing the buildings of another land are what make a trip special. As a curious introvert with a soft spot for the strange and creative, Japan is perfect for you.

You should visit Austria! In your opinion, a vacation should be equally parts relaxing and awe inspiring. As a warm and social person who loves to immerse yourself in beautiful places, you would feel right at home in the beautiful mountains and hills of Austria. With great food and fun people, you'll finally feel like you're visiting a place worth staying in!

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