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Is Your Personality More Like A Dog Or A Cat?

Dogs and cats have distinct personalities, but do you know which of these four legged cuties you're most like? Take these 10 personality quiz questions and find out if you're more like a cat or a dog!

Question 1/10
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How much do you trust your friends?
I trust everyone almost instantly
It takes me a long time to trust others
It takes me a little while to trust others

Question 2/10
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What is your favorite taste?

Question 3/10
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If you were to watch a movie at any given moment, you would usually pick...

Question 4/10
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What's your greatest strength?
I'm intelligent
I'm patient
I'm logical
I'm clever
I'm empathetic

Question 5/10
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When you're down in the dumps, you can always cheer yourself up by....
Listening to music
Going for a walk
Calling up a friend
Taking a bath
Sipping a glass of wine

Question 6/10
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In your free time you love to...
Learn a new skill
Lounge about the house
Graze and snack
Help others
Stay fit

Question 7/10
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When in a relationship are you more dependent or independent?
I'm dependent
I'm independent
I'm a mix of both

Question 8/10
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What's your love language?
Quality time
Words of affirmation
Receiving gifts
Acts of service
Physical touch

Question 9/10
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How do you feel around new people?

Question 10/10
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Would you rather be invisible or be able to fly?
I'd rather be invisible
I'd rather be able to fly
I'm not sure

You're More Like A Cat
Your personality is definitely more like a cat! As a very independent and stubborn individual, you don't like to take orders from anyone else. You tend to question authority and live on your own terms. Though you can be deeply affectionate, you don't give out love easily. Others have to earn your trust and affections through action, thoughtfulness, and constant interaction.

You're More Like A Dog
Your personality is definitely more like that of a dog! As a very loyal and compassionate person, there's nothing that you wouldn't do for the people that you love most. You're always down to help a friend have never turned away anyone looking for a shoulder to cry on. You're sweet, warm hearted, and nurturing under every circumstance.

You're A Mix Of Both
You're a mix of both a dog and a cat! Congratulations, you possess great qualities from both dogs and cats. Though you're independent and intelligent, you're not afraid to ask for help or let your guard down. In fact, it is your compassion and empathy that lead to your greatest breakthroughs in life!

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