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Is Your Partner As Awesome As You Think?

Of course you think your partner is awesome, but is he or she really as awesome as you think? Find out.


Question 1/10
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What is your favorite thing about your partner?
Kind Heart

Question 2/10
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How long have you been together?
Under one year.
Over one year.
Over five years.

Question 3/10
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Who wears the most awesome in your relationship?
I do.
My partner does.
We share it equally.

Question 4/10
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How much does your partner help with household chores?
My partner does all of them.
My partner helps out enough.
My partner doesn't help much at all.

Question 5/10
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Who has more money in your relationship?
My Partner
We share finances equally.

Question 6/10
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The best gift your partner ever gave you was....

Question 7/10
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The least awesome thing about your partner is his or her...
Sense of Style
Sense of Humor
Sense of Direction

Question 8/10
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Who makes the first move to make up after an argument?
My Partner
Whoever was more wrong.

Question 9/10
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Which primary color does your partner prefer?

Question 10/10
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Which word best describes your relationship?

64% Awesome
Your partner is 64% Awesome. This may not be as high as you thought, but it's still pretty good. You guys have a great connection, and you are able to work on things to make life even better for both of you.

79% Awesome
Your partner is 79% Awesome, which is pretty awesome. You have every reason to feel great about your awesome relationship, and your love can only get better from here.

92% Awesome
Your partner is 92% Awesome! This is above average awesomeness, more awesome than a double rainbow. You should feel very lucky to have your partner in your life.

100% Awesome
Your partner is 100% Awesome! That's probably way more awesome than you thought. Take time to show your partner just how much you appreciate their pure awesomeness today!

120% Awesome
Your partner is 120% Awesome, and it doesn't get much better than that! Your partner awesome enough to make other awesome people look lame by comparison. Hold onto this one!

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