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How Wise Beyond Your Years Are You?

Ever had someone tell you that you were "wise beyond your years?" Just how many years wiser than your age are you actually? Are you ten or fifteen years wiser than your age would imply? Perhaps, you're just on par with where you should be! If you're actually wise beyond your years, this quiz will tell all!

Question 1/10
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Which is most important to you right now?

Question 2/10
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How would you describe your group of friends?
I have a few very close friends.
I have many friends, but not many close ones.
I have many acquaintances and a few good friends.
I don't have many friends.

Question 3/10
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When you first meet someone, what do you notice about them right away?
Their body language.
Their eyes and smile.
Their style.
Their humor.
Their character.

Question 4/10
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Which is more important: justice or mercy?
They're equally important.
Neither are important.

Question 5/10
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Which bothers you more?
Being lied to.
Being ignored.

Question 6/10
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How do you feel after a day of hard work?
Proud and fulfilled.
Drained and exhausted.
Energized and ready for more.
Content and relaxed.

Question 7/10
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Do the ends in life always justify the means?

Question 8/10
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How would you go about learning a new skill?
I would sign up for a class.
I would buy several books on the subject.
I'd watch YouTube tutorials.
I would find someone to teach me.
I would just try it on my own.

Question 9/10
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You and a friend make a bet on a sports game. What do you bet?
All the cash I have on hand.
The bill for dinner.
A round of drinks.
Bragging rights.
Something else.

Question 10/10
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Two of your friends are having a fight. What do you do about it?
Let them work it out on their own.
Try to mediate.
Judge both sides and choose one.
Help them see the other's point of view.
Avoid them until it's over.

10 Years Wiser
Your 10 years wiser than your true age! Somehow, you've accumulated a whole lot of wisdom during your time on earth. Probably because you've overcome so many challenges! No wonder people are always coming to you for advice.

5 Years Wiser
You're five years wiser than your age! Though you're not exactly an ancient sage, you have far more wisdom than your peers. You're someone who always pays attention, does the right thing, and strives to be thoughtful. Because of this, you have more wisdom than most!

1 Year Wiser
You're one year wiser than your age! Okay, so you won't be writing any self-help books or philosophical essays. Still, you're pretty darn wise for your age. You're someone who always strives to learn and grow, even if it means meeting challenges head on.

20 Years Wiser
You're 20 years wiser than your age! How did you grow to be so wise? We think it has a lot to do with how you've handled challenges, setbacks, and struggle. You learn from every thing life throws your way, seeing the opportunity, rather than the simple pain. You're so wise beyond your years, you might want to consider becoming a sage.

3 Years Wiser
You're three years wiser than your age! In life, some people are content with the phrase "It is what it is." Not you. You strive to be someone who looks a little deeper, laughs a little harder, and loves a little bigger. No wonder you're so wise!

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