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How Will You Become Internet Famous?

Have you ever dreamt of becoming internet famous? It's time to find just how you'll make your dream a reality! Are you ready for the results? To the quiz!

Question 1/10
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What do you take the most photos of?
My food
My pets
My outfits
My friends
My environment

Question 2/10
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Have you ever vented about politics on social media?
I can't recall

Question 3/10
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In high school you were best described as:
The kind jock
The dapper artist
The overachiever
The lovable nerd
The fashion icon

Question 4/10
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What topic are you always talking about?
Celebrity gossip
Current events
Conspiracy theories
Music and pop culture

Question 5/10
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Would you ever allow your partner to have our email password?
Of course!
No way!

Question 6/10
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Be honest, what's your favorite hobby?
Watching HGTV
Stalking people on social media
Watching makeup tutorials
Learning a new skill
Working out

Question 7/10
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Which social media platform do you use the most?

Question 8/10
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Are you an open book both in person and online?

Question 9/10
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Have you ever kept a journal?
When I was a kid/teenager.
Only for a year or so when I was younger.
I keep one right now.
I'd never keep one.

Question 10/10
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Where would you most like a $1,000 gift card to?
Best Buy

Style Blogger
Your most likely to become internet famous for being a style blogger! Let's face it, you're a fashion force to be reckoned with. You've got your own sense of style and a big personality. Together, you could totally become the internet's next big style blogger!

YouTube Star
You're most likely to become internet famous for being a YouTube star! You've got a big personality and a love of being in the spotlight. You're opinionated, clever, and totally fun to watch. Other's can't help but be drawn to your unique sense of humor and way with words. You're destined to become a YouTube star!

Internet Conspiracy Theorist
You're most likely to become famous for being an internet conspiracy theorist! You're a highly intelligent and curious person who doesn't take what you hear at face value. You love to investigate theories, post opinions, and cause a stir. Some like to label you as a troublemaker, but really, we think you're just looking for the truth!

Instagram Influencer
You're most likely to become famous for being an Instagram influencer! You're a photogenic and creative person who loves to be the center of attention. You're highly social, stylish, and well connected. You've got what it takes to build a mass of followers and influence those looking for a role model.

Travel Blogger
You're most likely to become internet famous for being a travel blogger! You're an adventurer who loves to travel to new places, try new foods, and document every aspect of your journey in life. You're not afraid to try new things or to step outside of your comfort zone. You could truly be a top travel blogger!

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