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How Well Do You Actually Live By The Bible?

Think you're living life by the bible? You might not be doing as well as you think! Just how often do you really live by the notions put forth in the bible? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
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You spot an elderly man stealing dollars from the collection plate at church. What do you do?
Call him out on it.
Go to the church leaders.
Let it go, he probably needs it.

Question 2/10
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You come across the salaries of all your co-workers at work. What do you do?
Share it with everyone.
Approach my boss.
Quit, how unfair!

Question 3/10
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After a snow storm, you notice your neighbor struggling to shovel her driveway. What do you do?
Go out and help her.
Watch from the window.
Call a plow service for her.

Question 4/10
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You find out that one of your close friends no longer shares your political views. Do you end the friendship?
Absolutely, politics matter.
No, they're more than just politics.
Maybe, but probably not.

Question 5/10
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You accidentally forgot to pick your daughter up from school. They catch a ride and come home upset. What do you do?
Be open and honest with them.
Make up an excuse.
Tell them it'll never happen again.

Question 6/10
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When is the last time you read the bible?
When I was a little kid.
A few months ago.
Several years ago.

Question 7/10
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Your friend backs into a parked car by accident and hurriedly drives off. What do you do?
Tell her to wait for the owner.
Tell her to drive off, fast.
Tell her to leave her phone number.

Question 8/10
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Do you believe in granting others second chances?
Always, we all make mistakes.
Sometimes, it depends on what they did.
Never. They need to learn.

Question 9/10
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When you're feeling lost, what do you do?
I pray to god.
I take time to evaluate my life.
I turn to my vices.

Question 10/10
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What do you believe the world needs more of?

You Live By The Bible Well!
You live by the bible well! It's obvious that you know the bible inside and out. You live and abide by the rules and morals set forth in this ancient text. You pride yourself on being highly moral, obedient, and doing what is deemed "right" by biblical scholars. Even though you get lost from time to time, you always return to your bible for guidance.

You Live By The Bible Sometimes!
You live by the bible sometimes! Perhaps as a child or young adult, you were taught the morals and teachings of the bible. As an adult, it's easy to stray from these teachings and live on your own terms. While you don't always live by the bible, you always know when to consult with this text and take the moral high ground and when to forge your own path.

You're Not Living By The Bible!
You're not living by the bible! Let's face it, religion is not an important aspect of your life. You don't define yourself by your values and you certainly don't ascribe to an organized religion or way of thinking. You forge your own path and follow your own system of values. You'd never let an ancient text determine how you're living in the modern day!

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