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How Redneck Are You?

Are you able to blend right in with Uncle Sy and the rest of the members of Duck Dynasty?


Question 1/10
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Which of the following vehicles would be most fun for you to drive?
BMW Convertible
Land Rover
Monster Truck

Question 2/10
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Where do you get your hair cut?
MasterCuts or other discount barbershop
A relative does it for me
Trendy boutique

Question 3/10
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Which of the following is your favorite hobby?

Question 4/10
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Your dream home is _____.
A chic apartment flat
A rustic home with a big yard
A cabin in the woods

Question 5/10
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What's your spirit animal?

Question 6/10
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Pick a color combination.
Red, white, and blue
Black and white
Dark green and brown

Question 7/10
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When you're at a bar, what's your "go-to" drink?
Vodka Soda
Coke & Rum

Question 8/10
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On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most, how sarcastic are you?

Question 9/10
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What political topic gets you riled up the most?
Whether or not citizens should have the right to bear arms
Anything concerning gay rights
The pro-life vs. pro-choice debate

Question 10/10
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What's your stance on male facial hair?
Clean-shaven is best.
A little hair, but not too scruffy looking, is acceptable.
Real men have beards.

City Folk
You enjoy large, glittery shopping malls over small mom and pop shops, and you'd rather watch the Duck Dynasty family than live like them. You're one of them city folk, but there's a tiny bit of redneck in you somewhere!

Fair-weather Redneck
You may like to hunt and fish, but you gotta admit - you enjoy some parts of city life too. You're a part-time country bumpkin, part-time city folk...the best of both worlds if you ask me!

Hillbilly Hero
You love big trucks, know the meaning of good hard work, and can compare hunting and fishing stories with the best of em! You're a true backwoods redneck.

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