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How Normal Are Your Thoughts Really?

You might think your thoughts are just as normal and average as the person next to you, but how normal are your thoughts really? It's time to find out! Take this simple personality quiz and discover something new about you!

Question 1/10
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Do you take showers at morning or night?
I shower in the morning
I shower at night
It depends on when I have time

Question 2/10
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What's the first thing you think of when you wake up?
My level of tiredness
What I have to do that day
My pet
My anxieties

Question 3/10
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Do you believe in astrology?

Question 4/10
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At work, you can almost be found thinking about....
My goals
My stress levels
My coworkers
My next break
My dreams

Question 5/10
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When you watch the news, you tend to focus on...
All of the bad
All of the good
A mix of both

Question 6/10
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When driving, you often picture....
My destination
Myself in a movie
Myself in a reality show
What would happen if I got in an accident
Myself on a race track

Question 7/10
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How often do you check your email?
Once a day
Several times a day
Every hour of the day
Every few minutes

Question 8/10
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What gives you the most anxiety?
Returning something to a store
Going to the post office
Talking on the phone
Making an appointment
Running into an old friend

Question 9/10
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What's the riskiest part of falling in love?
Not really knowing the other person
Baring my soul
Letting them in on my quirks
Possibly being betrayed

Question 10/10
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Do you cut up your spaghetti or wind it around your fork?
I cut it up
I wind it on a fork
It depends on my mood

Extremely Normal
Based on the results of this quiz, your thoughts are extremely normal! You don't think too far outside of the box or challenge yourself to take on ideas in a new way. You think rationally and with common sense, often approaching problems from a place of intelligence and rational thought. Go you!

Somewhat Normal
Your thoughts are somewhat normal! Like so many of us, you have some normal thoughts and some off the wall thoughts. Though you tend to make rational decisions, your mind can go on tangents when you're spending time alone. From wondering about belly buttons to why cats always land on their feet, your thoughts are somewhat normal.

Not Normal At All
Based on the results of this quiz, your thoughts are not normal at all! You're an out of the box thinker who is inspired to do things in your own way. You don't follow the trends or fads set forth by others. Instead, you make your own way in this world without looking to anyone else of inspiration or guidance. You're one of a kind! Go you!

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