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How Much Do You Really Love Autumn?

When autumn rolls around, it's easy to proclaim your love for this season of change, but how much do you really love autumn? Are you ready to find out?

Question 1/10
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If you owned a huge house, where would you hang out most often?
Out on the patio
In front of the fireplace
In the living room
In the garden

Question 2/10
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What is your overall approach to style?
Polished but not overly fancy
Clean and classic

Question 3/10
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What's your favorite Starbucks flavor?
Pumpkin spice
Salted caramel
White chocolate mocha

Question 4/10
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If you could only feel one emotion forever, what would it be?

Question 5/10
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What physical sensation is the worst?
Having a stuffy nose
Humid air
Feeling pain due to coldness

Question 6/10
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Which social situation do you find the most enticing?
A small relaxed gathering
A formal dinner party
A big barbecue

Question 7/10
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What's your liquor of choice?

Question 8/10
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What is your favorite flower?

Question 9/10
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What hobby do you love most?
Working out

Question 10/10
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What do you believe is the best part of fall?
The holidays
The fashion
The outdoor activities
There's nothing good about autumn

You Love Autumn More Than Anything!
In your humble opinion, there’s nothing more refreshing than a chill in the air, pumpkin spice lattes, and sweater weather. Not only do you find autumn to be a restorative time, it is a time that fills you with warmth and happiness.

Autumn Is Your Favorite Season
While anyone can cite autumn as their favorite, you truly do love this season more than any other! Summer is too hot and winter is too cold. Spring is simply too wet. In your opinion, autumn is the only season that can truly fit every mood.

You Love Autumn Sometimes
Some years you just can’t wait for a chill in the air and the turning of the leaves. Other years, you truly mourn the end of summer and the listlessness it embodies. Fret not, every season holds a reason to celebrate!

Part Time Autumn Lover
You're a part time autumn lover! While you might love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and pumpkin spice lattes; autumn fills you with a dread of the coming winter. You simply hate that autumn is followed by the cold dreariness that winter can bring.

Autumn Hater
You're a full time autumn hater! You simply cannot get behind this festive season. When it comes to the seasons, summer is your jam. Autumn fills you with dread and you simply can't stand the seasons that follow.

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