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How Long Will You Survive In The Wild?

You just became stranded in the middle of nowhere with hardly any supplies. Do you have what it takes to survive?


Question 1/10
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When you become stranded, what should be your immediate priority?
Making sure I still have my belongings

Question 2/10
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Are you attached to your phone?
I can't live without it
I'm pretty attached
Not really
I don't own a cellphone

Question 3/10
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What color mushrooms should you eat?
The bright ones
The grey or white ones
You shouldn't eat a mushroom unless you know it's safe

Question 4/10
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When you don't know the answer to something, do you always look it up online?
Yes I do
No I don't

Question 5/10
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Are you able to light a fire with just a few sticks?
Yes I can
I've never tried
No I can't

Question 6/10
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What should you do if you stumble across a black bear?
Stand my ground and make noise
Find high ground
Try to run away
I'm unsure

Question 7/10
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What do you believe is the best place to be stranded?
An island
The desert
A jungle
The mountains

Question 8/10
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How long can a person survive without food?
30 days
10 days
A week
I'm unsure

Question 9/10
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What should you do when you realize you're lost?
Stay put so people can find me
Try to find supplies
Yell for people to hear me
I don't know

Question 10/10
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Would you say you have good survival instincts?
Not at all
Yes I do

You'll Thrive
You won't just be able to survive in the wilderness but you'll in fact thrive in the wild. You have great survival skills and you know how to solve almost any problem that arises. You can easily live in the wild with no problems.

You'll Survive
With you're great problem solving skills and your creative solutions, you definitely survive until you're rescued. Once you get the hang of what you're supposed to do, surviving in the wild will be a breeze for you.

You'll Survive But Barely
It will be very difficult for you to survive in the wildness but you'll make it. You may not many survival skills but that won't stop you from trying to live until you're rescued.

You Cannot Survive Without Technology
Could you survive in the wild? Of course you could but you'll find it very difficult without your technology. Without your phone or computer, you'll probably be wondering if it's worth being out in the wild.

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