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How Long Could You Survive As A SPY In The CIA?

Being a spy in the CIA isn't easy, but with the right personality, it's possible. How long could you actually survive in the CIA as a spy? Would you blow your cover sooner rather than later? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
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Do you speak any languages other than English?
I know some Spanish and a few words of French.
Why would I need to know another language?
I'm fluent in at least 3 languages.

Question 2/10
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Your boss sends you on an overseas mission. Where do you hope to go?

Question 3/10
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You have five hours to prepare for your next assignment. How do you use your time?
I take a nice long nap and drink a coffee.
Brush up on the native language of the country.
Go over my notes and prepare mentally.

Question 4/10
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Do you have any military experience?
Yes, I served for a few years.
No, but I did a rope course in gym class once.
I'd rather not say.

Question 5/10
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What's the worst crime you ever committed?
I'm not legally obligated to say.
Petty theft, I stole some candy once.
I've never committed a crime.

Question 6/10
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It’s time to go shopping. What would you like to wear?
Sweatpants or active wear.
A three piece suit.
A t-shirt and jeans.

Question 7/10
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How would you chose your code name?
Randomly and from an algorithm.
Based on something unique to me.
It's just my name shortened.

Question 8/10
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Rate your physical fitness level:

Question 9/10
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Rate your general energy level:

Question 10/10
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Do you have a college degree?
Prefer not to say

A Lifetime
You could have a long and lasting career as a spy in the CIA for a lifetime! You're intelligent, creative, and always think well on your feet. You know how to be very private and discreet, often going unnoticed and knowing how to make yourself small. You're great a charming others and have a true sense of duty to your country.

10 Years
You could survive as a spy in the CIA for 10 years! Spies need to be discreet, cunning, intelligent, and adaptable. You can easily blend into any environment unseen. With great intelligence, you can easily read a situation and know exactly what to do on a moment's notice. If anyone could make it in this career, it's you.

5 Years
You could survive as a spy in the CIA for five years! The travel, assignments, and general stress of this job would wain on you quickly, but for five years, you'd be a great asset to the CIA. You're adaptable, quick on your feet, and able to blend in with the crowd. With a knack for charming the enemy, you'd be great at your job.

1 Year
You could survive as a spy in the CIA for one year! Okay, so live as a spy would not be for you. While you may have the tenacity and the intelligence, your boisterous personality and confidence makes it hard for you to blend in and remain unseen. You'd much prefer a job where you can be in the spotlight!

6 Months
You could survive as a spy in the CIA for around six months! Don't apply for that CIA position just yet. While you might be a super intelligent and creative person, you haven't yet mastered the art of blending in or playing it cool. You tend to feel pretty stressed out under pressure and aren't the biggest fan of change. A life in the CIA probably isn't the best for you!

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