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How Likely Are You To Cheat?

Are you a cheater? Think you’d never do it? Find out how true that is.


Question 1/10
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Who are you?
A Teenage Boy
A Teenage Girl
A Young Woman
A Young Man
A Mature Man
A Mature Woman

Question 2/10
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How do you act when someone attractive flirts with you while your partner is away?
I ignore it.
I flirt back a little.
I flirt back a lot.
I tell them to stop.
I leave the situation.

Question 3/10
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Have you cheated in the past?
Yes, and I learned my lesson.
Yes, and I don't regret it.
No, but I haven't had the opportunity.
No, and I have had the opportunity.
No, I've been cheated on myself.

Question 4/10
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Would you rather learn that your best friend cheated on a test you failed or on a person you don't know well?

Question 5/10
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Has anyone ever told you that you were selfish?
Yes, more than once.
Yes, but I don't believe it.

Question 6/10
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Do you usually consider the consequences before you act?
Yes, Always.
Almost always.
I try to.
I am not good at this.

Question 7/10
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If you learned that your partner was cheating, would that end the relationship?
It depends.
Probably not.

Question 8/10
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How do you define 'cheating'?
Anything from mild flirtation onward.
Heavy flirtation or more.
Physical Contact
Emotional Connection
Only going all the way counts.

Question 9/10
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Have you ever dated more than one person at the same time?
Yes. I was not exclusive, and they knew.
Yes, and I did not tell them.
No, that would be weird.
No, but I wouldn't rule it out.

Question 10/10
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Did you cheat (lie) on this quiz?
Maybe a little.
Only the second time, to hide my actual result.

You are 0% likely to cheat. You care about others and empathize deeply. You would never hurt anyone if you could avoid it, and you are not a cheater.

You are 9% likely to cheat. You don't like to hurt people, and you want to be someone that others can trust. You still have that occasional temptation to break the rules, so be careful.

You are 12% likely to cheat. You are a kind hearted person who does your best to be loyal and empathetic. However, you are tempted at times to do things you know you shouldn't. Avoid those opportunities.

You are 24% likely to cheat. While you like to think of yourself as an honest and caring person, you are a sucker for temptation. You don't want to hurt anyone, but you aren't perfect, and it just may happen.

You are 32% likely to cheat. In most cases, you will be loyal and caring, but some situations can try your strength. It is difficult for you to resist the temptation, and you must be very aware of yourself and your surroundings to avoid hurting others.

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