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How Introverted Are You Based On Your Taste In Movies?

Can we guess just how introverted you are based on your taste in movies? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and discover how revealing your tastes really are!

Question 1/10
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Choose the musical you like the most:
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Singin' In the Rain
Funny Girl

Question 2/10
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Choose a classic romance:
Gone with the Wind
The Philadelphia Story

Question 3/10
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Pick a popular movie series:
The Hunger Games
Star Wars
Indiana Jones

Question 4/10
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Pick a Disney animated classic:
Snow White
The Lion King

Question 5/10
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Choose a Pixar movie:
Finding Nemo
Toy Story

Question 6/10
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Pick a comedy:
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Groundhog Day

Question 7/10
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Pick your favorite from the following group:
Little Miss Sunshine
Bruce Almighty
The Notebook

Question 8/10
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Choose an 80s movie:
Back to the Future
Pretty in Pink
Dirty Dancing

Question 9/10
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Choose a 90s movie:
Jurassic Park
Home Alone
Cool Runnings

Question 10/10
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Choose a recent flick:
Call Me By Your Name
The Shape of Water
Black Panther
La La Land

Extremely Introverted!
Based on the results of this quiz, you're an extremely introverted person! You tend to feel very drained by social encounters and like to spend most of your time on your own. You're highly empathetic and can be a bit on the sensitive side. Though you have a close group of friends and always do well with others, you simply prefer to do things by yourself, often feeling the most energized when you have a night with zero plans!

Somewhat Introverted!
Based on your taste in movies, you're somewhat introverted! Though you like to go out and socialize on occasion, you still feel more energized and at ease when doing things at home or on your own! You often love when others cancel plans and you can have a night in for yourself!

Not Introverted At All!
Based on your taste in movies, you're not introverted at all! You're the type of person who thrives in social situations and tends to hate being on your own. You live for a good party or gathering, often taking a leadership role in your friend group. You're almost always the one making plans and getting the whole group together! No one would ever mistake you for an introvert.

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