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How Close Are You And Your Father?

They always say mother knows best. What about fathers? How well do you get along with your father?

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How often do you talk to your dad?
Everyday if I can. We have a game of Go Fish going over the phone.
Not too often. Pretty much just major holidays and our birthdays.
I never call him. I only ever really call him with an extreme emergency.

Question 2/10
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Do you and your father like the same kinds of movies?
Absolutely! We watch a movie together whenever we can!
We have a few favorites in common, but not that many.
I don't know. I haven't seen a movie with him since I was a little kid.

Question 3/10
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If you could have one day with your father, what would you do?
Anything and everything. Maybe a day trip for a hike in the woods or fishing.
Not too sure. Maybe go to a movie or something?
"I want to grab one of those high end fashion mannequins and bash your rib cage in!" -Bo Burnham

Question 4/10
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Imagine it's your father's birthday. What do you get him?
A new copy of his favorite book. He read his last copy to death.
Something he mentioned in a call once. I don't recall what it was...
It's his birthday...?

Question 5/10
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Which fictional character father-child due, do you and your father best with.
Uncas and Chingachgook (Last of the Mohicans).
Neil and Mr. Perry (Dead Poets Society).
Mr. Gold and Peter Pan (Once Upon a Time).

Question 6/10
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What's something that your father taught you how to do?
He taught me everything I know about almost everything!
He taught me a few things, like how to change a bike tire, but not much more.
He taught me little to nothing, and what he did teach me isn't really applicable.

Question 7/10
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How close were and your father while you were growing up?
We were really close, and then as I got older, we got closer.
Eh. We were never really that close.
We close for a while, but as I got older, things went down hill.

Question 8/10
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How old are you and your father?
I'm 16-22, he's 45-50.
I'm 22-26 (or older), he's 51-56 (or older).
Why does it matter?

Question 9/10
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How well do your parents get along?
My parents love each other more than two people could possibly love each other.
They get along pretty well. They fight every now again, but hey, what couple doesn't?
They fight almost constantly/they've been divorced since I was a little kid.

Question 10/10
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When your father's old enough to be in a nursing home, would you be willing to take of him instead of sending him to said nursing home?
Absolutely! I don't need to think twice about that one!
I guess. Or maybe I'd visit him every other day at the home or something?
I've had enough of him at this point. Drop him at the home and leave.

You're Very Close With Your Father.
It's a great thing to have a close relationship with your father. Not everyone has this. Don't take it for granted.

You're Average Closeness
You're not insanely close with your father, but you get along, and that's great on it's own!

Not That Close.
You and your father might still talk on the phone every now and again, but you don't go out of way to see each others.

You Don't Like Him, But You're Civil
Something happened between you and your father, so things are little rocky. Maybe the two of you send Christmas cards every year or something.

You And Your Father Go At Each Other's Throats
You and your father, over something that maybe happened recently or years ago can't stand to be in the same room for more than a few minutes.

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