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How Ancient Is Your Heart?

Some of us have hearts and souls that are simply older than we are. Do you know how ancient your heart truly is? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
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In your opinion, wisdom is something that is....

Question 2/10
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When watching a sad movie, do you feel affected?
I always cry at sad movies
I feel the pain of the characters
I don't really feel much during sad movies

Question 3/10
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Friends say that you're always the first to....
Lend a hand
Crack a joke
Offer a shoulder to cry on
Give good advice

Question 4/10
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In your opinion love songs are....
Tunes set to the heart
Pretty sappy and ridiculous
Great if you're in love

Question 5/10
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Have you or would you ever donate blood?
I'm not sure

Question 6/10
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Do you experience deja vu?
All the time
Every now and then
Almost never

Question 7/10
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If you were to accidentally hit an animal on the road, how would you feel?
Absolutely devastated and crushed
I'd likely cry
I'd feel bad for a minute but then move on

Question 8/10
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What season were you born in?

Question 9/10
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Do you always give change to the hopeless?
Of course, you never know when you'll land in that situation!
I don't like to encourage them
It depends on the person

Question 10/10
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Do you carry many regrets about your life?

As Ancient As Time Itself
Your heart is ancient and old as time itself. It's clear that your soul has lived many lives before this one. Not only do you possess a compassion that only an ancient heart could possess; but, your wisdom of life is extraordinary.

1,000 Years Old
Your heart is so ancient it is 1,000 years old! From the beginning, your heart and soul have been placed in many physical vessesls. Because of this, you possess a wisdom of the world that few mortals can truly boast.

500 Years Old
Your heart is so ancient it's around 500 years old! While it might be difficult to see your heart in terms of time, some souls (and the hearts that hold them) have seen many different eras. Because of this, you're worldly, loving, and open minded towards all human beings.

100 Years Old
While your heart might not be truly ancient, it beats to the rhythm of a timeless drum. You never have quite identified wholly with your own generation. This is becausey our heart belongs to a completely different point in time.

As Old As You
Sure, your heart may not be ancient in terms of time, but the experiences you have accrued and the love you have given makes your heart as big as one twice your age. With an open heart, anything is possible!

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