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Do You Have Bad Karma?

In both Hinduism and Buddhism, karma is the sum of a person's action in this world and in previous states of being. Karma is seen as deciding your fate in future existences! Do you have bad karma or are you in the clear? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
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You're on your way home when you spot a wallet. What do you do?
Find its rightful owner.
Take the cash out and leave it.
Leave it, in case someone comes back for it.

Question 2/10
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What's your earliest memory?
A really great birthday party.
My first crush or love.
Playing outside.

Question 3/10
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If you had to write down the thing you're most grateful for right now, it would be....

Question 4/10
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You're on your way to work when you notice a lost tourist on the street. You immediately...
Offer to help.
Walk them to their destination.
Pretend I don't see them.

Question 5/10
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When do you feel the luckiest?
When I wake up to greet a new day.
When surrounded by those I love.
When I check my bank account.

Question 6/10
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What were you like back in high school?
Class clown.

Question 7/10
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If your life were a film, which genre would it be?

Question 8/10
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How often do you return library books on time?
Always, what if someone else wants to check them out?
Most of the time, when I remember.
ALmost never, I takem y time with them.

Question 9/10
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Your little brother is less successful than you. Do you ever rub it in?
Nope, never. He's on his own path.
I rib him about it sometimes.
I love to bring it up to be honest.

Question 10/10
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When's the last time you held the door for someone?
It's every man for himself.
I always hold the door for others.
If I have time and they're close.

You Have Good Karma!
Based on the results of this quiz, you have good karma! In life, you always aim to do the right thing and minimize the impact you have on others. You have a strict moral code and strive to be a good selfless soul. You always help others when they're in need and never let your own ego or selfish wants keep you from being a good person through and through.

You Have Bad Karma!
Uh-oh, it seems as if you might have a bit of bad karma! Unfortunately, you don't always have the interests of others in mind. When you make decisions, you tend to think more about yourself than the greater good. You aren't afraid to lie to get your way, nor are exempt from manipulation. You're a bit of a rotten apple at times, which your karma truly exemplifies!

You Have Neutral Karma!
Right now, you appear to have neutral karma! You do your fair share of good things and bad things. You're not overly concerned with being good, but you do strive to do right by those you love. Sure, you have your fair share of slip ups, but you also know how to make things right and have a conscious.

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