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Could You Become The Most Popular Kid In High School?

Think you have what it takes to rule the halls of high school in 2018? With these 10 quiz questions, we can tell you if you could actually become the most popular kid in school! Ready? Start the quiz!

Question 1/10
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It's time for school. How long before heading out the door are you waking up?
Like 5-10 minutes tops.
20-30 minutes.
A full hour, I need to get my game face on!

Question 2/10
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Time to pick the perfect outfit. How will you decide what to wear?
Based on the weather, I want to be prepared!
Based on what's clean.
I've already planned out my outfit the night before.

Question 3/10
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Would you ride the bus or get dropped off?
Ride the bus.
Get dropped off.
I'm driving myself, obviously!

Question 4/10
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You need to choose an elective for next semester. What do you choose?
Wood shop

Question 5/10
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It's lunch time. Where do you sit?
At a table with all my friends.
Wherever there's a open seat, I get along with everyone.
In the library.

Question 6/10
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You need some extracurriculars. What will you sign up for first?
I'm going to try out for a sports team.
Yearbook committee sounds fun!
Future business leaders of America
Drama club!

Question 7/10
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There's a dance coming up. Will you be taking anyone?
It depends, is someone going to ask me?
Yes, my boyfriend or girlfriend.
Nope, I'm flying solo!

Question 8/10
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You get called into the principals office. What for?
Writing mean things on the bathroom walls.
Perfect attendance.
Academic achievement.
Getting busted at a party.

Question 9/10
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The "cool" kids are throwing a party this weekend. Are you going?
I'm the one throwing the party!
I'll go, but only for a little bit.
I'm invited, but I'm not going.
Nah, I'd much prefer to stay home.

Question 10/10
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What's inside your locker?
A photo of my cat.
Books and stuff, it's a mess.
Sports equipment.
My entire life.

Destined For Popularity!
Congratulations, you could easily climb the ranks to become the most popular kid in high school! You know how to mingle, socialize, and connect. Of course, you also know how to be a bit of a teenage rebel and bend the rules! You're athletic, confident, and always sure of who you are. If anyone's going to rule the school, it's probably you!

Semi-popular And Well Known!
You could be semi-popular and well known in high school! You wouldn't be the most popular kid in school, but that's just fine with you. You enjoy being a floater who mingles with kids from all walks of life. You're not afraid to hang with the art kids one day and the jocks the next. Somehow, you just seem to get along with everyone. The world could use more people like you!

A Bit Unpopular!
You would be a bit unpopular in high school! You're a bit of a lone wolf who tends to keep to yourself. With a very shy demeanor, it can be hard for others to get to know you. But you don't care at all! You love who you are and the things you stand for. You have your small group of friends and that's all that matters to you. Who wants all of the pressure of popularity anyway?

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