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Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Style?

You tell us about your fashion likes and dislikes, and we’ll take a stab at which age range you fall in!


Question 1/10
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Which piece of jewelry are you most likely to wear?
Fashion watch
Colorful bangles
Pearl strands
Statement necklace

Question 2/10
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How would you describe your personal fashion?
Classy and sassy
Trendy and fun
Mature with flair
Functional and classic

Question 3/10
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What's your favorite thing to wear during the winter?
Infinity scarf
Slouchy knit hat
Fuzzy mittens
Wraparound cardigan

Question 4/10
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Pick your favorite type of footwear!

Question 5/10
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Choose a pattern.
Polka dots

Question 6/10
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What do you carry your cell phone in when you go out clubbing?
My bra or boot
Clutch purse
Crossbody handbag

Question 7/10
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Which type of hat are you most likely to wear?
Baseball cap

Question 8/10
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What length are most of your dresses and skirts?
Above the knee
At the knee
Below the knee

Question 9/10
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Which of the following items are you most likely to pull off a clothes rack to try on and purchase?
Crop top
Wrap dress
Pencil skirt
Asymmetrical blouse

Question 10/10
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What type of bathing suit is your favorite?
Normal one-piece
Brazilian bikini
Tasteful bikini
One-piece with fun cut-outs

Your outfits are very trendy, fun, and sometimes a bit experimental. You love following what young stars are wearing and imitating their looks, and your fashion sense gives off a carefree, youthful vibe. You must be in your teens!

Early-Mid 20's
Your sense of style is still fun, youthful, and flirty, but more toned down and mature than a teenager's fashion. You ditched the skin-bearing crop tops for chic high-waisted pants and sky-high stilletos for cute wedges. You must be in your early to mid twenties!

Late 20's-Early 30's
Your outfits are very put together and classy, but they always have a cute or funky flair to them. You know how adults who want to be taken seriously dress, but at the same time, your outfits are still fun and trendy. You must be in your late twenties to early thirties!

Mid 30's
Your outfits are classic, functional, and mature. You like to give off a cool, calm, and collected vibe - you want to show the world that you're someone who has his/her act together. You must be in your mid thirties!

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