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Can We Guess What Your Phobia Is?

Everyone has a phobia can we guess what your is?


Question 1/10
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What is your greatest fear in life?
Being in a room of spiders
Falling from a cliff
Being trapped
None of the of above

Question 2/10
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What creature would you consider a good pet?
None of the above

Question 3/10
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Would you jump out of an airplane?
Only if my life depended on it
It's a dream of mine to jump from a plane

Question 4/10
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What's your idea of a group of people to hang out with?
The more the merrier

Question 5/10
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What would you rather live by?
The forest
The mountains
The desert
The wide open plain

Question 6/10
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Which bug do you have the most fear of?
Not afraid of bugs

Question 7/10
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What type of outdoor activity do you enjoy doing?
Mountain climbing
Hand gilding
Nature walks
None of the above

Question 8/10
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How do you feel about going to the local zoo?
Don’t go near the reptile exhibit
Don’t go near the spider exhibit
Don’t go to crowed

Question 9/10
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If you were to plan a trip what would be your choice of transportation?

Question 10/10
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What creatures would you rather be if you could choose one?
A reptile
A bug
A bird
Not sure what I would want to be…..

You have Arachnophobia!
You have a fear of spiders and other species of this nature. You have a tendency to make sure you are free of them by all means which sometimes can cause a great deal of embarrassment for you.

You have Ophidiophobia!
You have a fear of snakes. You will avoid them by all means which puts a lot of stress on your lifestyle. You avoid outdoor activities like hiking, camping, swimming, etc. This limits you from doing things with your friends in family at times.

You have Acrophobia
You have a fear of heights or falling. You start to panic when you get too high in the air, this interferes with your ability to climb back down.

You have Agoraphobia
You have a fear of open or crowded spaces, which limits you from doing some of the simple things in life like going to the mall, grocery store, or even a date to the movie. You don’t like the thought or feeling of spaces you can’t escape.

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