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Can We Guess What Your Job Was In The 1970s?

We can guess it!

Question 1/10
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How do your friends describe you?

Question 2/10
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What food do you love the most?
Mozzarella sticks
Hot wings
Mac n Cheese

Question 3/10
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How would you describe your ideal city?
Somewhere warm so I can be outside
Somewhere with good night life
Anywhere with frequent live music
Somewhere exciting and different
Close to where my family is

Question 4/10
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What's your perfect date?
Something active. Maybe playing beach volleyball on a two person team or tennis
Something new and exciting. Maybe a road trip
A party
A concert
April 15th

Question 5/10
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What is your hobby?
Planning events
Listening to music

Question 6/10
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What movie do you love?
The Blind Side
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
This is Spinal Tap
Penguins of Madagascar

Question 7/10
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What 1970s song is the theme song of your life?
Let it Be
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Kung Fu Fighting
Hotel California

Question 8/10
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What's your favorite restaurant?
Hard Rock Cafe
I'm more of a nightclub person
Buffalo Wild Wings
Whole Foods Cafe

Question 9/10
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What are you wearing right now?
Nike shorts and a tank top
Black ripped skinny jeans and a graphic tee
Button down shirt and tie
Matching Pajamas
A suit

Question 10/10
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What do people say your best quality is?
Your singing voice
Your motivation for working out
Your people skills
Your sense of adventure
Your good looks

Fitness Instructor
You love working out and you love staying in shape! You also love teaching other people how to maintain healthy exercise habits. You are encouraging and motivating, which are great characteristics to have to be a coach.

You are very social and love meeting new people. You don't mind having conversations with random people; in fact, you actually enjoy it! You're great at resolving conflicts and fights, which is a good quality to have when you work this job.

You are adventurous and brave! You are never one to turn down a dare. Although you are fun and love to have a good time, you are also very responsible when it comes to your duties. This is an essential skill for a pilot to have.

Rock Star
You are a natural performer! You don't get intimidated standing in front of a huge crowd; you love the attention. You are very talented, of course, and you have an outstanding voice. You were born to entertain.

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