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Can We Guess The Worst Job You Ever Had?

From the time most of us are teenagers, we have to work to earn our way! Everyone has had bad jobs in their life, but can we guess which one was the worst for you? Did you have one job that you dreaded more than any other? Answer these 10 quiz questions and we'll accurately guess the worst job you ever had!

Question 1/10
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Was your worst job your first job ever?
It was definitely my first job!
I can't recall if it was first, but it was early on.
Nope, the worst job came much later.

Question 2/10
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At your worst job, you typically arrived at work....
Very early in the morning.
Around mid-morning.
Early afternoon.
Early evening.
Around dinner.

Question 3/10
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Did you have to wear a uniform at your worst job?
Yes and it was awful.
A t-shirt with the logo, nothing more.
Just a vest over my regular clothes.
Nope, I never wore a uniform.

Question 4/10
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Were your co-workers around your age?
Yes, we were all about the same age.
Everyone was a different age.
Most people were older than me.
I didn't have any co-workers.

Question 5/10
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Do you like the boss you have at your current job?
I'm the boss, so yes!
My boss is a little weird.
I really like my boss!
My boss is on a power trip.
I tolerate my boss.

Question 6/10
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Which skill did you learn from your worst job?
Work ethic
Time management

Question 7/10
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Did you work indoors or outdoors?
A bit of both

Question 8/10
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Have you ever been fired from a job you liked?
Yes, it's happened more than once.
Not that I can recall.
I've been fired, but not from a job I liked.
I've never been fired from anything.

Question 9/10
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Are you better at working with adults or children?
Adults, for sure.
Eh, I'm not sure, I've only worked with adults.
I'm better with kids.
I'd say I'm good with both.

Question 10/10
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Which of these industries fits your personality the best?
Law enforcement

Fast Food
The worst job you ever had was as a fast food worker! Though a noble job that requires a lot of work, you hated donning that uniform and smelling like french fry oil at the end of a long day. Not to mention the angry customers who demand commercial worthy burgers at the snap of your fingers. Recipe for disaster.

The worst job you ever had was working in retail! Let’s face it, retail can be a thankless job. Hours of folding shirts, fixing shelves, and dealing with irate customers could make a Saint lose their cool. If you never had to work another day of retail in your life, you’d be just fine!

Movie Theater Usher
Sure, working at a movie theater seems easy enough, but free movies can’t make up for smelling like chemical butter and dealing with under seat garbage for minimum wage. If only people could actually clean up after themselves!

Lawn Mower
The worst job you ever had was mowing lawns in the summertime! Sure, mowing lawns wasn’t all bad, but it was pretty hot, sticky, and a bit boring at times. As someone who likes a challenge, this job left you feeling pretty bored and “over it” by the end of the day.

Baby Sitting
The worst job you ever had was babysitting! Remember when babysitting seemed like a good idea? After all, how hard could watching a couple of kids be? Think again! You learned the hard way just how tiring a night of babysitting could actually be. If only those kids would have gone to bed when you wanted them to!

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