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Can We Guess How Much Money Is In Your Bank Account?

Can we accurately guess how much money is in your bank account based on a few simple personality quiz questions? Embark on this quiz and find out just how revealing your personality can be!

Question 1/10
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You need to book a flight. What do you do?
Look for the cheapest flight possible.
Book a business class ticket.
I look into driving instead.
I scour different sites and compare prices.
I book a first class ticket and relax.

Question 2/10
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You're at a restaurant and find out that refills cost extra. What do you do?
Try to make my first drink last as long as possible.
Switch to water, it's free.
Order the refill anyway.
Splurge a little, I'm worth it.

Question 3/10
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You want to see a movie. When do you go?
Right at prime time. 8 PM or 7 PM.
To the first showing of the day.
To a matinee.
To the most convenient showing.

Question 4/10
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You're about to order a new pair of jeans online when you find out that returns aren't free. What do you do?
Forget it, I'm not paying to return them if they don't fit.
Find out how much the return fee is.
Buy them anyway.
Take a chance, they might just fit.

Question 5/10
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You're out and about when hunger strikes. Where are you most likely to grab a bite?
Taco Bell
Panera Bread

Question 6/10
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How often do you take a vacation?
Once a year if I'm lucky.
Every six months.
Three times a year.
Every few weeks.

Question 7/10
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Choose a snack:
Cheese plate

Question 8/10
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How much do you typically tip?

Question 9/10
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Where do you go for coffee?
My kitchen
Dunkin Donuts
A local cafe

Question 10/10
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Is money everything?

Twenty Five Dollars
We think you have twenty five dollars in your bank account! Whelp, like so much of us, you're currently living on a shoestring. While you may not have stacks of bills in the bank, you're still happy as a clam and enjoying the simplicity of a life that's not focused on material things!

Two Hundred Dollars
We think you have two hundred dollars in your bank account! While you're not exactly rolling in cash, you're not down to the wire just yet. You're a very down to earth and grounded person who knows the value of a dollar! You may not have much, but you make the best of what you have!

One Thousand Dollars
We think you have one thousand dollars in your bank account! Kudos to you, you're already doing better than the average American. It's clear that you try to spend your money wisely and don't often get in over your head. You're practical, logical, and always trying to save a buck where you can!

Five Thousand Dollars
We think you have five thousand dollars in your bank account! Well, well, well, you seem to be doing just fine! It's obvious that you're in a great industry that pays well and gives you more than a few perks. You're ambitious, driven, and always looking to climb that next rung on the ladder to success!

Two Thousand Dollars
We think you have two thousand dollars in your bank account! Saving money in the modern day isn't easy, but you've proven it's possible. You may not be Bill Gates wealthy, but with your optimism and intelligence, you know how to stretch a dollar as far as it can go. Go you!

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