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Are You Secretly Evil?

Most of us would like to believe we're good to the core...but could there be a bit of evil lurking beneath? Try as you might to deny it, many of us are secretly evil! Are you secretly sinister underneath it all? Let this quiz decide the truth!

Question 1/10
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Let's start with an easy one. Would your friends describe you as sensitive?
Yes, definitely.
In some ways.
No, not at all.

Question 2/10
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Driving to the store, you see your co-worker stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire. What do you do?
Pull over and offer to help.
Change their tire for them.
Wave as I pass by.

Question 3/10
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You're in charge of collecting the money in the church collection plate. Would you take a little for yourself?
Probably, who's going to know?
Just a couple bucks for coffee..
No, I would never!

Question 4/10
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Which color are you most attracted to?
Blood red

Question 5/10
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What's your take on violence?
I'm all for it.
Sometimes it's necessary.
I'm totally against it!

Question 6/10
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If you had to choose a word to describe your dream house, what would it be?

Question 7/10
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If you were the leader of the most powerful country in the world, what would you do?
Work towards world peace.
Conquer weaker countries.
Use my power to get more stuff.

Question 8/10
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You're walking and see someone shouting for help. What do you do?
I run up and make sure the person is okay!
I call 911.
I keep on walking, none of my business.

Question 9/10
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What's the worst thing you've ever done?
Betrayed a friend.
Lied on my resume.

Question 10/10
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How many people are on your hate list?
Zero, I hate no one.
I've lost count.

You're Secretly Evil!
Uh-oh, it appears as if you are in fact secretly evil! Down below, there is a sinister side to you, a darkness that creeps up out of the blue. Though you try to be good, you've decided that being evil is just so much more fun. You're letting your evil side show more and more. How long until your evil really shines through?

You're Sort Of Evil!
Let's face it, you're sort of evil! While you're not a completely rotten egg, you have definitely have a dark side. Sometimes it seems to surface out of the blue! In certain situations, your evil truly shines, creating havoc wherever you go. It's clear that evil lies deep within you!

You're Not Evil At All!
Hey, you're a good egg! There's not one ounce of evil lurking within you. In fact, you're pretty much an angel as far as living life goes. You always do the right thing, try not to hurt anyone and have a heart the size of Texas. No one is ever going to confuse you as evil!

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